Adopt A Mountie Program Launched To Support MHS College Bound Seniors In Need

MONTCLAIR, NJ – Montclair Councilman Peter Yacobellis has teamed up with long time community leader Aminah Toler of Montclair Mutual Aid, Donna Montague; Daniel and Megan Roberts to launch a program to help some graduating Montclair High School Seniors, in financial need, head off to college with essentials they’ll need for their dorms. Leaders call on generous residents to support the program.

High School seniors or families of seniors can request an application by emailing: The application submission deadline is July 1st.

In order to be eligible:

The applicant must be a graduating senior from Montclair High School as of June 2022.
The applicant and parent/guardian must be residents of Montclair, New Jersey. Proof of residential status must be included in the application.
The applicant must show proof of acceptance to a College/University as a full time student.
The applicant must show proof of on-campus housing documentation.
Members of the community are invited to contribute monetarily through a GoFundMe launched by Yacobellis and Toler: or assist these high school seniors by shopping directly from an Amazon Wish List: Items can be delivered or dropped off to: Tony’s Laundromat, 84 Maple Ave., Montclair.

“Aminah Toler is someone who when she asks you for something it’s because there is a real need in the community that she’s identified that many not otherwise get attention. So, I’m hoping to be as helpful as possible. I want all of our Mounties getting the best start they can without worrying about having some basic essentials that they might not be able to afford with all of the upfront costs of going to college,” said Councilman Peter Yacobellis

“Many families have exhausted their finances with end-of-year high school expenses and additional college expenses, including tuition and books, which leaves little or no resources to help their child(ren) with the basic necessities needed for a dorm room.” said Aminah Toler of Montclair Mutual Aid

The program launches today with applications being accepted until July 1st. The goal is between items procured through Amazon and/or with financial contributions, to be able to put comprehensive dorm room care packages together for up to 20 seniors to head off to school with later this summer.

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  1. Great idea!!! Hope all Montclair High School Alums and others who are still in the area will contribute to this worthy cause. And, perhaps, this idea will become a tradition that continues year-after-year. With all the hate in the world it’s good to know there are still kind, unselfish, and beautiful humanitarians who are doing wonderful things to improve the lives of all of us.