All Aboard! Things We Love To See at Edgemont Park

Yes, the playground safety surface installation at Edgemont Playground is complete and the Edgemont Park playground has reopened to the public. But the bridge near the Edgemont Park House is still under construction and there have been some related shenanigans that we just love.

A reader tipped us off to this official-looking sign announcing ferry service across the creek.

There was also this amazing sight at the end of May. Maybe the sign refers to this ferry?

Photo: Jude Geiger

Turtles aren’t the only wildlife you’ll find at Edgemont Park. From majestic blue herons to egrets, there are beautiful birds and of course, the ubiquitous Canada goose (sometimes with cute babies).

And of course, there was the time a deer went for a swim at Edgemont. What do you love seeing at Edgemont Park?

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  1. Deputy Township Manager said back in October:”the expectation of completion would not be before late spring 2022.”
    HA! What about the “expectation” of commencement already?!