Montclair’s London Exchange Program Seeks New Leadership

Barnet Hendon Hall

Close ties between sister cities Montclair and Barnet go back to World War II. To escape the German bombing of London, 52 children from the borough of Barnet came to live with Montclair families

Each year Montclair and Barnet (London) exchange one week of home visits, field trips and parties for high school students or adults. The program is sponsored by Montclair based Friends of Barnet, and Barnet based Friends of Montclair.

Friends of Barnet invites Montclair area adults who enjoy things “British” to join our board. There are many local fun events such as the Guy Hawkes night celebration. Membership dues are $25 a year.

To be invited to our next organizational meeting please email your name, address, and phone number to Jerod Freier at To learn more, visit Friends of Barnet on Facebook.

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