Montclair’s Buzz Aldrin Sells Flight Jacket and Other Memorabilia For Over $8 Million

Montclair may have the Buzz Aldrin Middle School, but now Montclair’s man on the moon has sold off some 69 personal belongings including the space jacket he wore while flying to the moon. Described as Buzz Aldrin’s FLOWN Inflight Coverall Jacket, worn by him on his mission to the Moon and back during Apollo 11, the jacket alone sold for almost $2.8 million

Aldrin, 92, also offered his Presidential Medal of Freedom for sale among other medals.

In a press statement regarding the auction, Aldrin said “after deep consideration, the time felt right to share these items with the world, which for many are symbols of a historical moment, but for me have always remained personal mementos of a life dedicated to science and exploration. I hope that this collection offers some insight into what it has been like to be Buzz Aldrin.”

In 2016, Buzz Aldrin addresses the dedication ceremony for the renaming of Mount Hebron Middle School in Montclair in his honor.

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  1. Did Buzz pay to design and create the spacesuit? Shouldn’t the proceeds go back to NASA which paid for it originally?

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