Four Montclair Residents To Run For BOE Seats in November

Baristanet Year In Review 2021

Yvonne Bouknight, Brian Fleischer, Noah Gale and Mfreke “Monk” Inyang submitted the petitions to run in November for the three available seats on the Board of Education, according to Essex County Clerk Christopher Durkin.

Inyang is currently on the Board of Education; he was appointed to fill the seat of the late Dr. Alfred Davis. Bouknight and Gale both ran during the first ever Montclair election for BOE members held in March.

Fleischer was among individuals including Inyang who were interviewed by the Board of Education to fill the vacancy created when Dr. Davis passed away. Fleischer has previously worked as Business Administrator for Montclair Public Schools.

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  1. As I recall, a big argument for this vast improvement to democracy was that the election would be part of the real, the grown-up, the big-time, November election. A time when literally Montclair is of a single mind to civic-ly engage via the voting act to form a more perfect Township. Where we thought there wouldn’t be enough space on the ballot for all the candidates who only had to collect 10 signatures.

    And 3 of the 4 candidates are assured of victory. That 3 of 4 are candidates I didn’t vote for the first time round this year. That 3 of 4 basically get a do-over. There are 40,902 residents that don’t want or are ineligible to serve. A fantastic improvement. Life-altering. And the ayahuasca was totally unnecessary.

    I apologize. I was relying on the Old Guard of Montclair thinking and didn’t appreciate how vastly enlightened and improved the New Guard of Montclair would be better & so much better than their parents.

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