Local Leaders Support Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Representative Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) released the following statement in support of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022:

“We all know how high the cost of living is in Northern New Jersey. I ran for Congress to tackle those costs on behalf of the people of the 11th Congressional District. That’s exactly why I’m voting for the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

“After three decades of politicians in Washington talking about lowering prescription drug prices, I’m proud to have helped force Congress to actually drive drug costs down and empower New Jersey families as we battle global inflation.

“This bill also invests in the next generation by creating good-paying jobs in clean energy and addressing the climate crisis.

“In cracking down on tax evasion and ensuring that our largest corporations are helping to fund America’s innovation economy, this bill makes the tax code fairer for our middle class families and increases opportunity.

“By investing in the middle class, we are making life more affordable for families in New Jersey. The groundbreaking of the Gateway Tunnel Project, the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act, the strong July jobs report, and the current 50-day streak of lower gas prices at the pump all highlight the impact of our investments in families and communities. I will continue to work to bring costs down even further.

“I will also remain steadfast in my commitment to ensuring that any discussion of reforms to the 2017 tax law begins with addressing SALT. Because this legislation does not raise taxes on families in my district, but in fact significantly lowers their costs, I will be voting for it.”

Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller also released this statement:

“With the Inflation Reduction Act, Congressional Democrats are showing what we have already proven in Montclair – that responsible fiscal policy and progressive solutions go hand-in-hand. In Montclair we’ve reduced our debt by more than $77M while making critical investments in our future. The Inflation Reduction Act will reduce our national deficit, lower the cost of prescription drugs, protect our environment, and increase our domestic energy production. While Republicans continue to offer zero policies that actually benefit the American people, Montclair is fortunate to be represented by Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill and Congressman Donald Payne who we know will work hard to get this bill over the finish line in the House”

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  1. Mayor Spiller’s statement is grossly inaccurate. Massive reduction of Montclair’s debt was NOT a result of any “progressive solutions”. Further, Spiller’s administration had nothing to do with it. It was a result of a strategy devised and executed BEFORE Spiller became Mayor in 2020. Everyone knows that all of the debt reduction and infrastructure improvements were accomplished under Mayor Jackson. Spiller was visibly inactive during Jackson’s 2 terms. Those of us who watched council meetings during those 8 years know this all too well; his focus at the time appeared to be on ascending in the teachers’ union. Right now, his focus appears to be on his rise in State politics. That’s all fine and dandy, but what about Montclair?? Rise in Bloomfield is selling pot, while Ascend in Montclair is STILL not. Come on, Sean! With each passing day, Montclair is losing tax revenue while our Mayor is cutting ribbons, doing PR, and running for higher office. It’s exasperating.

    This is not the first time that Spiller took credit for Jackson’s work, by the way. Residents find it supremely unattractive – I heard at least three people make a comment to that effect during the last council meeting. Residents had ample time to chat and vent their growing dissatisfaction with this administration as they were forced to wait until 10 PM (!) while our Mayor and Council deliberated with someone ‘important’ in closed session. We all wondered who was so important as to make it okay to have tax-paying residents sit and wait for hours on end. Did a royalty attend that closed meeting? I was one of those who left before the conclusion of the executive session – I had to relieve my teenage sitter and drive her home. It appears our Mayor and Council were not in a hurry to hear our comments. When they finally returned to council chambers, one-word sign “RUDE” was taped under Spiller’s name on the podium – it spoke volumes. I’d bet it was put up there by one of the seniors exasperated by the continued disregard. (I was told it was hastily taken down by Tim Stafford right before public comment finally began at 10 PM).

    My sentiment (shared by a number of others) is that it would behoove Sean Spiller to start doing some tangible work during his term as Mayor of this town instead of talking, smiling, and taking credit for work done by others. Wake up, Council! There is PLENTY to do right now (Midtown Deck, senior services, swimming pools, recreational marijuana, sputtering rent control, discriminatory fire exam, etc. etc. Oy!) The above PR stunt appears to be an attempt to distract from the myriad problems Montclair has been plagued with under Spiller’s council and their (seemingly paralyzed) right hand, Tim Stafford. At the last council meeting, someone made an observation that the town manager is acting odd, as in confused, scared, lost. How is this possible after 7 years of ‘running’ the town??

    To make matters worse, the interim town attorney they hired last December is acting awkward and and nervous. I’m not surprised – based on his own website, Paul Burr has ZERO experience in municipal law (other than DUI defense)! Up until he got appointed as town attorney, he was running on-and-off a general solo practice (wills, divorces, real estate). I have yet to hear him give a cogent and definitive answer to a question. “I will look into it” every single time? What is that?? I wasn’t a fan of the previous town attorney, but at least Karasick knew the law! Why can’t this council hire someone with relevant experience to one of the key positions in the administration? Are they even trying to find a suitable permanent replacement or is this it? Shesh!

    Despite numerous requests from residents followed by a petition, calling-in during public comment is STILL not an option. I gather 2 months was not enough for the town attorney to answer Councilor Hurlock’s question as to whether hybrid meetings are legal. To answer Hurlock’s question: they ARE. Everyone and their mother is doing it, Bill. (Isn’t Hurlock a lawyer, btw?) I’m touching upon this sore issue because I wont be able to attend the next council meeting due to childcare responsibilities. As such, I won’t be able to call our elected officials to task. Or ask Mayor Spiller about his proclaimed trailblazing in the field of finance.

    However, I hope that someone else will have the sense of humor (and patience) to ask Sean just how exactly he went about reducing debt in Montclair through his “progressive solutions”. Some say our Mayor is articulate. I wish that he were literate in municipal finance instead. Sadly, he is not, pretense and verbal profusion notwithstanding. Neither is his right hand, Tim Stafford. Want proof? Just address to one of them a finance-related question during public comment and ask for a detailed, precise answer. I actually can’t help but hope that Frank Rubacky will show up on August 16 to do this task – his background appears to be in finance.

    Links below paint an accurate picture of what’s going on in Montclair, despite our Mayor’s attempts at painting rosy pictures. I like to think of them as the real, honest, unadorned (if depressing) “State of the Township Address”.



  2. @pat.gottlieb,

    I no longer engage with this Council since they discontinued remote Public Comment. This limited brain trust can not figure out how to take phone calls in our community sandbox. Seriously? They don’t know how to do conference calls? Our IT staff can’t figure out Conference Calling on speakerphone? I kid you not. At some point we need to say a college education is overrated.

    This is the real Montclair. A majority of Montclarions worry about their disposable income, their homes, and their children…and their vacations. Not a long list. As long as they don’t have to get involved, they don’t have to cut into their time, they will pretty much accept anything as far as civics is concerned. With a particular shout-out to renters.

    With that said, I think it is a toss-up which recent Council was worse – the Remsen or Fried Council. This Spiller Council is ahead of both by a length just in the ‘self-serving’ metric. Several of the carry-overs have just checked out and some have just narrowed their attention span to an issue or two. Bottom-line is they don’t have more bandwidth. They know what they know and they’re will feast on that. Spin it different ways, but same old.

    In another 2 years we will elect new members. They might be better, they might be worse. They will be younger versions of the current body. The point is, overall, the customers, their constituents, don’t really care.

    On this point, nothing will ever change. As Mayor Jackson said, “if you don’t like it, move.” It still is good advice.

  3. If I went to Tuesday’s Council mtg to speak, I would speak to the “Shared Service” agreement providing fire protection to Glen Ridge.

    I looked at the NFIRS statistics for the least 3 years. NFIRS is a reporting methodology to aggregate normalized fire data. Glen Ridge accounts for 17% of all incidents. The good news is over 50% of them are false alarms. In some months, Glen Ridge’s false alarms top 75%. The 3rd Quarter (Jul-Aug-Sept) is the peak incident period. I know you could easily guess Mountainside Hospital is #1 in incidents and #1 in false alarms every year.
    I bet you wouldn’t guess Glen Ridge Country Club is #2. You know why? Golf! Because their members are always yelling their putting is on fire!

    The reality is it cost Montclair Fire Department less than $300,000/year to respond to these calls. In fact, if we charged GR for false alarms like we do Montclair folk, it would only contribute an additional $50K, tops.

    It turns out, using the particular “Shared Service”costing method employed all these years, we are rolling in Glen Ridge’s money. It has been an absolute windfall for us. So we throw in some hydrant flushing and halvesies on a Watchung School-like obsolete field.

  4. The Bloomfield Fire Dept & I have access to the same information.

    The BFD could easily underbid us, but they haven’t and they won’t. Why? Because, unlike Mtc, they are grounded in economic principles, e.g Opportunity Cost.

    ndmarginal costThe MFD’s noted economists apply their concept of marginal costs of firefighting. Who knew marginal costs applied to each foot of a 105′ ladder and pumping water by the gallon! I do get a little confused how marginal costs go down with overtime.

    The Council, lacking any financial wherewithal, will do the political bobblehead thing.


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