Latinos of Montclair To Host First Latino Heritage Month Festivities

Montclair, NJ — Get ready for Montclair’s first Latino Heritage Month celebration! Latinos of Montclair was founded in 2022 by six Latinos, across three generations, living in Montclair who became increasingly aware of the lack of visibility the Latino community has in the cultural fabric of Montclair – from cultural understanding and celebration to local representation.

“Our desire is to advance and promote inclusiveness for all communities, especially those of multi-ethnic and racial backgrounds, while highlighting Latino culture from El Barrio to Calle Ocho to Patagonia to Rio de Janeiro to Quito and everywhere in between.” – Latinos of Montclair Board

Latinos in Montclair now make-up the second largest ethnic group and are actively adding to Montclair’s commercial and cultural vibrancy.

This year, Latinos of Montclair seeks to raise awareness of the growing Latino community and their contributions in Montclair by hosting Montclair’s first Latino Heritage Month festivities.

Latinos of Montclair will host an array of events running September 15 through October 15. Festivities will include Family Events at Watchung Booksellers, Latin Dance Night Fundraiser at Porta Montclair, American Latino Film Series in partnership with Montclair Film, and culminating with Montclair’s first Latino Heritage Celebration at the Montclair Art Museum set to host over 2,000 guests and featuring Latin music, art, and culture.

“The Latino community in Montclair is growing, and we want to promote greater visibility by uniting it,”
– Marcia Almeida, Latinos of Montclair President

Visit Latinos of Montclair for more information.

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