Montclair Crime: Motor Vehicle Crime; Suspicious Incident

The week in Montclair crime from Lieutenant Terence Turner, Montclair Police Department:

Motor Vehicle Crime

January 10, 2023 (Lorraine Avenue): The resident reported that the Catalytic Converter was stolen off of her 2005 Honda CRV. The incident reportedly occurred some time between January 8, 2023 and January 10, 2023. The vehicle was parked in her driveway.

January 10, 2023 (Upper Mountain Avenue): The victim reported that her 2004 Toyota Camry was stolen during the overnight hours. The vehicle was parked, unlocked, in the area of the Iris Gardens. The vehicle contained an undetermined amount of clothing and animal care products.

January 15, 2023 (North Willow Street): The complainant reported that her vehicle was entered during the overnight hours while it was parked in front of her residence. The glove compartment was emptied. Approximately $480.00 in cash as well as a laptop computer was stolen.

Suspicious Incident / Attempted Burglary

January 13, 2023 (Highland Avenue): The resident reported that while reviewing old home surveillance footage, he discovered two individuals attempting to enter his residence from the side door during the overnight hours. One video showed two suspects walking up the side deck of the house to access the side door. One suspect is seen looking through the windows near the side door and appeared to be holding a pry bar. Entry was unsuccessful.

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