Try The Dance Workout Bobbi Brown Loves: Live with Lloyd Starts Friday

Montclair, NJ – In Baristaville, we follow all things Bobbi Brown. So when we saw Brown, who is 65 and a new grandma(!), having a blast dancing to disco and hip hop on Instagram with a workout instructor named Lloyd, we wanted to join the dance party.

Now we – and you — can.

Lloyd Pearson, a personal trainer, fitness instructor and dancer based in Montclair, is launching his new brand called LIVE WITH LLOYD and the launch of his new virtual dance class this Friday, January 27th at 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  Get ready for an extremely fun, entertaining dance workout with a disco hip hop groove!

Brown can’t say enough good things about her Lloyd workouts, including sharing a clip of her new dancing passion on the Today show. Pearson says the workout is a great way to let go of your end-of-the-week stress and feel good going into the weekend.

Visit and use code LIVELLOYD to save 20% off your first class.


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