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Baristanet was born in May 2004 and soon after emerged as a leader in hyperlocal news. Baristanet receives more than 9,000 visits a day and covers Montclair, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield as well as bringing readers news and happenings in and around Essex County.

Baristanet has inspired local news sites in Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, New Haven, Watertown, MA and Red Bank, NJ.

The biggest contributors to the site are our readers — their active participation has turned Baristanet into a true online community.

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WLA34-3 (1)Georgette Gilmore moved to Montclair 14 years ago with her husband and they had two very adorable daughters – The Gilmore Girls. Georgette is a freelance editor, writer, Family Travel blogger at Playground, social media junkie, and food & coffee lover. She was Editor-in-Chief of Barista Kids, a local parenting site for five years.


chandaChanda Hall is an artist and freelance photographer who moved to Montclair from Brooklyn several years ago and never looked back. She loves Baristaville for its beauty, its diversity and its dynamic citizens. A mom to two daughters, she loves to photograph kids being kids.
kuaeKuae Kelch Mattox is National President of Mocha Moms, Inc., a non-profit org. with 100 chapters in 29 states dedicated to supporting stay at home moms of color. She’s an Emmy-nominated journalist with over 20 years experience in the print, broadcast and online media, and a former TV producer.
kristinKristin Wald is a relatively recent transplant to Montclair who still can’t get used to being in the car. She writes about the local area to learn about her new environment.


christinaChristina Gillham, a former editor at Newsweek, is a writer, editor and mom of two.
hollyHolly Korus is an illustrator, muralist, gardener, baker and mother as well as graduate from Pratt Institute. She can be seen poking her head around Baristatville shops, restaurants, garbage bins or anyplace that sparks her creativity.
brianBrian Glaser is a writer, editor, husband, dad, Maplewood-to-NYC commuter, and regular contributor to Baristanet and Barista kids.


Carl Bergmanson was a co-founder of Baristanet.