Happy Birthday to Us

A lot has changed since we started Baristanet in 2004. The Marlboro Inn was still standing, the Wellmont was a place you went to see movies, Stephen Colbert was just another correspondent on the Daily Show and 12 Miles West Theater Company was actually located 12 miles west of Manhattan – downstairs from the Clairidge, in downtown Montclair. And some things never change. Yogi is still Yogi , and Ray McCarthy is still mayor of Bloomfield.

Since our first post on May 20, 2004, a lot has changed in the world of journalism as well. We never intended a war on print-based media, nor did we think we’d ever be the subject of so much attention.

We’ve clocked some impressive numbers: six July 4th parades, 9,700 stories, 205,000 comments, 19 million page views. And now our fifth birthday – itself an achievement. Now we’re opening up our birthday card for you to sign.

Happy Birhtday to the Barista family...to all of you that have made this the most interesting, unique and community friendly blog anywhere...

It has become a family within a family...where we can go and visit..and catch up on all kinds of news...and chat with our "family" members.

Long live Baristanet.

ps - I believe I have on video, much "stuff" that the Barista's have been involved with...it might make an interesting highlight video segment.

Let me know if you would like to chat about putting such together.

Wayne, that would be very cool.

For those who know me and why, Baristanet saved my life.

God Bless you all!!!!

Happy Birthday!!

I'd say that 90% of my internet attention span is spent on this website.

There are tons of other places to visit in the virtual universe, but Baristaville is definately my favorite, in large part, due to the really interesting critters that visit here.

Kudos to the founders and staff of Baristanet. You've done a fantastic job and should be very proud of your efforts!

I actually sold a rowing machine to another famous B'ville personality. I hope they use it in good health and crack the 2500 meter / 10 minute barrier!!

Although I always read the site, I didn't become an active commenter until last summer. I'm very happy to be a part of the community here.

Congrats to everyone on the staff for a job well done! Keep up the good work!

Happy Birthday Baristanet!

I have been a fan since the beginning and never dreamed I would become a part of the Barista family working on Barista Kids. I'm loving it!

Happy birthday, indeed. I moved to Baristaville not long after Baristanet was founded, and after I found your website one morning through a Google search, I then spent a fruitless abd embarrassing day walking up and down Bloomfield Ave looking for the coffeeshop to whom I assumed Baristanet belonged.

Still wish there were one.

Happy Birthday to all of the Baristas.

When I get over my shyness I'll try to post once in awhile.

Dear Debbie, Liz and all the other Barista people: Thank you for putting up with me and the other crazy denizens of Baristaville. I'm not sure we're quite a family (unless it's possible to have a weird, extended dysfunctional family where most members have never met nor even know each other's real names) but I would like to think we're at least friends. I am lucky to have such interesting ones.

I would also like to thank all of you who post here from time to time (Mellon, jersey, ROC, cathar, Mrs. M., Ice, Nellie, GNM, apple, prof, cro, and the many others whose names I am remiss in summoning) for making this such a fun way to waste time when I really should be getting some work done.

All the best, W.

Just as long as you folks don't ever really imagine you're "replacing" print media and that fact checking and editing don't much matter, I wish you all honestly well.

(And where is my wandering "progressive" lasered mikey on this one, come to think of it?)

Happy, Happy Birthday! I do not post much, but I visit every day!

Happy Birthday with much gratitude for all the good that Baristanet does for our community! Best wishes & love always! oxoxo

Happy 5th B-day, B-net!

Walleroo, five stars to you for your nice comment!

Sign our birthday card.

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