Monday, September 26, 2022
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Opinion: The Candidates’ Numbers Just Don’t Add Up

"Our state faces major fiscal challenges, and Montclair — with very high property taxes and schools that need more funding — typifies those challenges. "

Blog: Sanctuary on the Local Level

A declaration of sanctuary in the fullest sense is a pledge to protect the most vulnerable members of our society...

Blog: Stephen Colbert and The Syrians

Food, friendship and connection.

Blog: Save Montclair’s Historic Social Fabric

"Permanent and affordable housing is a means to vital sustainability for residents of our community and for newcomers, to insure Montclair’s characteristic social diversity."

Essay: When the Cheering Stops

A dad reflects on his daughter's athletic career.
letter to the editor | Betsy DeVos

Letter to the Editor: Let’s Get Back to Work

"Board meetings aren't public hearings; they're business meetings held in public."

Blog: On Sean Spiller — Follow the Money

Commentary on Montclair's 3rd Ward Race and Spiller's campaign contributors.
drive with care in montclair

Blog: Montclair Motorists: Shame on You – Big Increase in Pedestrians Hit in the...

Drivers were responsible for 15 of the crashes, with 3 being attributed to the pedestrian.

Op-Ed: Lessons on Sustainability from New Jersey’s Bike Summit

There are tremendous health, economic and environmental benefits to creating new cycling and walking opportunities in the Montclair area, and we are just getting started.

Flic Spa Shares A Love Story on Valentine’s Day

When love means never having to say a thing.

Blog: Putting Aside Our Petty Differences

On Warren Zanes and his new book Petty: the Biography.

Blog: Say NO to Rooftop Addition on the Montclair Police Building

It is protected and a key building in our downtown historic district.

Blog: Stepdog

"A 40-pound Blue Heeler mix with dark spots on white fur, Eddie and I had been waging war for nearly ten years."

BLOG: RIP Latrena May: Working to Prevent Future Loss in the Wake of Tragedy

Join SOFIA to support domestic violence community awareness and programs to turn mourning into action.

Clever Commute