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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Sixteen years ago last week, I had a big, fat, Greek wedding. I married my first boyfriend Danny, a Greek-American high school drop-out, in an elaborate Greek Orthodox ceremony and reception, complete with a DJ...

L’Affaire DSK

A limerick, ripped from today's headlines!

OMG, I Forgot to Worry!

I'm falling down on my angst game. I drove to Newark, made that awful merge between the Parkway South and I-280 E and moved over to the reserved seats at Deepak Chopra's talk today...

Thoughts on a 23 Year Old Village President

If you want to be President of the U.S. at age 40, then run for Village President at age 23—and WIN.

Happy Limerick Day!

The limerick started with Lear, Who could tell us, if he were still here, That the soul of good wit Is to carefully fit In five lines all one needs to make clear. ...

Judgment Day

Drivers on Grove Street in Montclair: have you been heeding the warning?

The Mother of Invention

What would you like to see invented to improve the quality of life as we know it? Martta Rose Kelly shares her list.

Do You Want Fries With That A** Whooping?

On this Mother's Day, the editor of Barista Kids remembers a less-than-idyllic family outing.

Yudi Sobharam: How to Get the Best Deal When Selling Your Home Yourself

A realtor gives some advice on how to sell a house... without him.

Artsology: Headless (Plaster) Body on the Curb!

Bulk pick-up oddity or secret message?

Charles Seldon: Is Trump About To Be A Consumerist?

Blogger and consumerist Charles Seldon wonders if Trump will get past the birther issue to become a consumerist.

Tyler Daniels: My Celebration At The White House

A Glen Ridge college freshman blogs about being at the White House the night Bin Laden died.

Martin Schwartz: Budget Politics Redux

Whether the 2011 budget passes tonight or not, Mayor Fried and his Council supporters are defending their fiscal and debt management efforts to date, clearly the start of next year's re-election campaign. Fried believes that...

John Lee: Mission Accomplished

Baristanet is now inviting local bloggers and pundits to share their opinions on our new Baristanet Blogs page. John Lee kicks it off with a post on why he's proud of Obama.

Clever Commute