CCM: Register to Vote!

UPDATE: Printer Scott Kennedy of Studio042 has just printed up a bunch of voter registration forms. See the end of the article for how to pick them up. According to most recent census data, there...

Forum Scheduled on Question of Moving Montclair Elections to November

The Montclair Municipal Election Review Commission has planned a public forum on Wed. Feb. 22, Ash Wednesday, to allow the public to chime in on the manner of whether to move municipal elections to...

Precarious Coalitions Forming in Montclair

A major shuffling now has Chris Swenson leading a slate against Robert Jackson.

Are Local Politics as Interesting as Fake Politics?

I'll take my politics with a wink and a smile. And I wouldn't mind some of that PAC money either.

Jackson, Murnick Toss Hats In Municipal Race

The field is getting crowded, particular the 3rd ward. You can't keep track without a scorecard.

More Candidates Enter the Race

Since our posting yesterday, we've learned of three more candidates who have picked up election packets for the municipal elections in May. Former Mayor Bob Russo, who has been flirting with the idea of running...

Update: Montclair Township Council Election

A total of eight candidates have thrown their hats into the ring; three will run for mayor.

Montclair Township Council Holds First 2012 Meeting

At a lively but productive meeting, the council discussed the 2012 budget, development of the Wildwood properties and other issues.

Who Will Be Running in the May Elections?

We know that Montclair council members Cary Africk and Renee Baskerville have thrown their hats in the ring for the May elections. Africk has picked up election petition packets from the Municipal Clerk for...

Montclair’s Cary Africk Decides to Run Again

Will either seek 2nd ward councilor seat or run for town-wide position.

It’s the Two-Party System in Montclair

Were future mayors partying this weekend?

Clever Commute