Hurricane Sandy: Election Info, Essex County & Email/Fax Voting For Jersey (Update November 5...

Deadline for electronic ballots by fax or email – is November 6, at 8 p.m.

Will Hurricane Wreak Havoc or Provide Clarity for Obama, Romney Voters?

Will Sandy supercede swing states in election sway?

Rate The Debate Moderators

What did you think of Schieffer's handling of the debate? How would you compare him to the other moderators?

Second Presidential Debate Round Up in Tweets and Tumblr

Jeremy, pensions, Benghazi and "binders full of women."

Montclair Romney Supporter Has Choice Words For Political Sign Stealer

Who is stealing Romney signs off Montclair lawns?

Tonight’s Presidential Debate: Who’ll Win?

With the presidential race in a virtual dead heat, the pressure is on for both sides.

Tomorrow is Last Day to Register to Vote

Sign up to have your say on Nov. 6.

Veep Candidates Take Debate Stage Tonight

Will you tune in tonight, or tune out?

He Said, He Said. What Do You Say?

The first presidential debate is history.

Obama Versus Romney: Let the Presidential Debates Begin!

Will you be watching and on what station?

Your Favorite Presidents: Framed

These oil paintings of U.S. presidents shooting pool can be purchased locally by political aficionados from both sides of the aisle.

Obama and Romney Almost Tied for NJ Contributions

Montclair ranked second highest in contributions for one candidate. Can you guess which?

There’s A Map For That: Electoral College Edition

With the presidential election coming up, the focus is on who's ahead in the polls. But we all know what matters most is the Electoral College.

Clever Commute