Election 2013 Starts: Mark Alexander Asks 34th for $34

Montclair's Alexander looks for small donor dollars.

“Obama’s Failing Agenda Tour” Stops at Montclair State University Tonight

Supporters will gather at 7:00 p.m. at MSU's Student Center.

Register Now To Vote. It’s Easier Than You Think.

Registering to vote couldn't be simpler for those of us residing New Jersey.

Essex County Democratic Party Headquarters Opens in Montclair

Menendez likens a vote for Republicans to putting car in reverse.

Obama: Give Me More Time

Whose speech was better? Take our poll.

A Little Thursday Morning Quarterbacking: DNC, NFL and OMG.

Did you watch one, two or all three? And what say you?

The DNC Opening Night: Did Cory Booker Out Jersey Christie?

Is this another case of Booker telling Christie, "I got this?"

Transcript: Governor Chris Christie Keynote Speech

"Tonight, we choose respect over love."

NJ News Commons Post-Christie Keynote Hangout

A discussion on Christie's Keynote speech.

Watch The Christie Keynote Speech Live Here

Watch the Governor live here.

Isaac Winds Likely Not Sweeping Christie From Tuesday Keynote Slot

Hurricane winds may blow, but likely won't bother Christie.

Local Legislators Speak Out Against Proposed NJ Voter ID Measure

Pending NJ voter ID measure gets thumbs down from local state Dem reps.

Clever Commute