Sunday, January 26, 2020
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JewBelong Explains Judaism to the Disengaged

Stacy Stuart and Archie Gottesman had worked together for 25 years when they decided they wanted to try a new venture. The team behind the iconic (and sometimes offensive) Manhattan Mini Storage ads, Stuart...

MontClairVoyant: This Column’s ‘S-ence’ Includes Signs, Streets, and Spinelessness

DEAR MONTCLAIRVOYANT, In last week's column, why didn't you discuss what happened at August 13's Planning Board meeting? Sincerely, Omission Manigault Newman That column contained a fake history of Montclair, and I couldn't get a variance to also...

Weekend Arts & Entertainment Calendar: August 23 – 26

Your guide to what's happening.

Montclair Author Explores Yiddish Theater Troupe

During World War I, as many Jews were being persecuted across Eastern Europe, a group of teenage refugees in Vilna, Russia (now Lithuania) came together to create a Yiddish theater troupe. The group had...
Biggest Local Stories of 2018

Biggest Stories of 2017

Here’s a look back at the biggest local stories of 2017 brought to you by Baristanet.

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