Gift Ideas

Gift Guide 2010: Hostess Gifts with Class and Glass

Still shopping? Here's something lovely for the discerning holiday hostess.

Gift Guide 2010: Healthy Heroes Calendar

Spend 2011 with some very fit local firefighters.

Gift Guide 2010: Big Jam

Treat the preserves-lover in your life to a gigantic jar of sweet, French bliss.

Gift Guide 2010: Skull and Crossbones Happy Hour

These rock glasses are a must-have for all the pirate types on your holiday list.

Gift Guide 2010: Memories

A Montclair couple will capture your loved one's life story on video.

Gift Guide 2010: Shopping with Perch

Hit the flea market with your own personal shopper.

Gift Guide 2010: Cuddly

One answer to the eternal question: What do men want?

Gift Guide 2010: How ‘Bout a Tat?

Jinx Proof in Montclair has some cool ink for the tattoo-lover on your list. Piercings, too.

Gift Guide 2010: Artful Giving

Many unique gifts for all budgets are available at 1978's annual Holiday Show & Sale.

Gift Guide 2010: Gifts Guys Love

Perfect for the man in your life.

Gift Guide 2010: Themed Boxes of Inspiration

Filled with vintage ephemera, items for crafting, wrapping, decorating or simply coveting, these treasure boxes are a one-of-a-kind gift.

Gift Guide 2010: Cool Jewels

You'll never guess where we found these chic yet reasonably priced necklaces in Maplewood.

Gift Guide 2010: Kitsch Lit

For the lover of kitsch on your list.

Gift Guide 2010: Soft-as-a-Cloud Bathrobes

Wrap the woman you love in comfort food for the body.

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