Hurricane Sandy

Election Day 2012 – Where To Vote & Who Did You Vote For? (Update)

Participate in our own very unscientific presidential poll.

Live From Port Authority: Snapshot from Commuting Post-Sandy

Just killing time here in crazy town.

Hurricane Sandy Montclair: What’s For Dinner Tonight?

When power comes on, we'll start cooking again. What are you eating?

PSE&G Crews Working on Park Street Main Line in Montclair

This just in from the Montclair Township: Montclair Township and other local government officials have been holding daily morning conference calls with PSE&G representatives for the latest information on the company’s post-storm power restoration efforts....

Montclair: Crews Working in Town, Residents Ask “What’s The Plan”

Outer projection is Friday from PSE&G.

In Search of #NJGas

Lines getting better, but how long have you waited?

Montclair Emergency Council Meeting: Sunday, 11/4

Mayor Jackson calls PSE&G document: "Cruel"

Helping Others After Hurricane Sandy: Thinking Outside The Box

Take Back The Kitchen's Alma Schneider recently got her power restored, and she's written a post on some different ways to think about helping others and how some people may be reluctant to ask...

Hurricane Sandy: Election Info, Essex County & Email/Fax Voting For Jersey (Update November 5...

Deadline for electronic ballots by fax or email – is November 6, at 8 p.m.

Warming Centers in Montclair (UPDATED)

CHARGING/WARMING STATIONS ADDED LAST NIGHT AND THIS MORNING: Name: Woodman Field Location: 10 Essex Avenue Dates/Times: Today, November 4, Noon - 4:00 p.m., Montclair football and gridiron are offering hot food and drink ($1) and warming and...

Bloomfield Director of OEM Says Power Outages Will Last Another Week (UPDATED)

Office of Emergency Management Director reports latest on Sandy

Montclair To Implement Odd – Even Gas Sales at NOON 11/3(UPDATED)

Tomorrow -- gas sales only for odd numbered plates.

Bloomfield Schedules Emergency Info Session Saturday

The Township of Bloomfield has issued the following statements: Questions have been raised pertaining the meeting referred below – please note this is not a Council meeting. This meeting was scheduled by Director of...

Gas Lines Recall Similar Queues in 1973-74 (UPDATED)

Ask someone who was there: were they odd or even?

Clever Commute