MontClairVoyant: Mixed ‘Welcome’ for Resolution Missing ‘Sanctuary City’

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With the great swap event returning to Hillside School on Feb. 25, could you swap your usual format for a multiple-choice approach this week?

Come Trade Away

A) Yes.
B) No.
C) Maybe.
D) I’d show up at Hillside with young-adult books but they’re 18 years old and now adult books.


Was the Township Council’s Feb. 21 resolution saying Montclair is a “welcoming community” rather than a “sanctuary city”

A) Just right.
B) Cautious.
C) Too cautious given Donald Trump’s blunt push against undocumented immigrants.
D) An homage to Wimpy of “Popeye”?

Close But No Segar

“BC,” because the cruel Trump is setting back the U.S. more than 2,000 years. Not easy in a 241-year-old nation that began when George Washington saw the Studio Playhouse production of “1776.”

Is that local theater’s current “Goldilocks on Trial” show:

A) Co-written by Taylor Swift and Franz Kafka.
B) Hilarious.
C) Porridge-y.
D) Well acted by a young cast that includes three bears feared by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos?

Brown Not Beige on Stage

For those who correctly chose answers B through D, DeVos is offering vouchers to see “Public Education on Trial” — a play consisting of nothing but non-rich students getting whacked by gavels. Modernist, I guess.



Did the Township Council use cautious wording in its 4-2-passed resolution because:

A) It fears losing federal money.
B) It fears losing federal dollars.
C) It fears losing federal funding.
D) It fears its thesaurus will be deported?

Synonym of the Republic

There are always thesauruses online, on the Web, on the Internet, in cyberspace, in the digital realm, in —

Shush! As mentioned at a recent Board of Education meeting, the minimal instruction time needed to achieve a decent level of proficiency in a language is:

A) 540 hours.
B) One nanosecond.
C) 327 years.
D) 327 beers?

This Bud’s Asking You

Or however long it takes to peel a Mandarin orange.

Montclair’s new interim superintendent, slated to start March 17, is from:

A) Teaneck.
B) Coffeeneck.
C) Great Neck.
D) Mediocre Neck?

Candice Bergen County

This is a family column, so stop the public necking or…get a room!

As the BOE’s Feb. 27 budget meeting nears, our school district’s 2017-18 budget may have a $6.9 million shortfall. Can our wonderful teachers and paraprofessionals be spared as much as possible?

Ifs, Ands, and Cuts

Hmm…no final multiple-choice question. Perhaps it’s because Trump setting back the U.S. more than 2,000 years spurred you to trade the letters BC for AD at the Hillside swap.



 Dave Astor is the MontClairVoyant. His opinions about politics and local events are strictly his own and do not represent or reflect the views of Baristanet.

Last Chance! Score Hamilton Tickets and Support Project Graduation

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Win two tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway! Support Project Graduation and buy a raffle ticket for $100 each. Seats are Prime 3rd Center Orchestra for the evening performance on July 12th, 2017 Raffle drawing will take place at the PG 17 Exhale Dance Party on Saturday, February 25th. No need to attend the party to win.

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Montclair History: Afterglow “Knocks a Homer”

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Afterglow, a panoramic neighborhood at the top of the mountain in Montclair, is one of those magical places of rare and outstanding beauty, especially for its characteristic mountain top sunsets. The legendary yellow brick road, that rises steeply from Bloomfield Avenue behind MKA, is a vintage technological feature thought to facilitate the assent by car in an era before the invention of fuel ejectors. Still at the beginning of the 20th century, Montclair was considered a “climatic station” a health resort destination for New York’s rich and famous. While the nearby, five star, Montclair Inn and the Mononomock Inn of Caldwell were thriving as a world class resorts and the big band era’s Meadowbrook Club was in full swing in Cedar Grove, Afterglow began to populate with luxurious mountain top weekend getaway estates. And long before baseball legend Yogi Berra moved to Montclair, there was Belleclaire, an Afterglow estate that served as a Yankee’s Association headquarters, hosting baseball legends Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.

Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth are among the legends of Afterglow at the estate that was rented to the Yankee’s Organization manager George Weiss, according to local historian Robert Williams and journalist Phil Read. Weiss’s home at Belleclaire, was quite the Yankee’s hangout and considered a healthy mountaintop retreat.

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Set the Table! Initiative Seeks Young Adults to Discuss the Future of NJ

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Set the Table!

Set the Table! is a new initiative by Rutgers University and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) that’s aimed at getting young adults involved in a stimulating discussion about the future of New Jersey.

If you are between the ages of 18-29, you’re encouraged to host dinner parties or gatherings of friends to discuss their priorities for New Jersey’s future. It’s all part of the outreach effort for NJTPA’s long-range transportation plan. Set the Table! offers a fun, casual and social approach to encourage younger adults to contribute to the NJTPA’s planning and decision-making.

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WNYC Town Hall Tracker Helps You Locate Your Representatives’ Upcoming Town Hall Meetings

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wnyc town hall tracker

Congress is in recess this week for the first time since President Trump’s inauguration. The break is an opportunity for members to get out in their communities to meet with constituents and hear their concerns. The WNYC Town Hall Tracker offers a tool for New Jersey residents to search by their address and find any town halls that are scheduled by their congressional representatives.

Here’s how it works: 

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Don Miller “The King Mural” Dedication at Montclair Public Library

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Don Miller

On February 1, Montclair Public Library hosted a short screening and presentation on Montclair Artist Don Miller and his “The King Mural.” The mural, painted in his studio in Montclair, was installed at the National Library In Washington, D.C. On August 27, 1985, many of Dr. King’s closest associates and historic civil rights figures came to visit Miller to participate in an extraordinary taping for Montclair resident and TV personality Gil Noble’s ABC TV show, “Like It Is” with a special episode, “The Making of the King Mural,” using the mural as a backdrop.

Several of the historic figures portrayed in the artwork came to Montclair for the mural: Rosa Parks, the heroine of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, as did Dr. Caroline Goodman, the mother of the slain CORE worker Andrew Goodman, Reverend Ralph D. Abernathy, Mrs. Dorothy Cotton from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Atlanta’s Mayor Andrew Young, Rev C.T. Vivian and Rev Wyatt Tee Walker. The great American pianist Don Shirley’s elegant music often served as an inspiration for the artist for the creation of this monumental tribute to Dr. King.

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MontClairVoyant: The Snow Was Whiter Than the Spines Some Politicians Lack

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Wintry weather closed Montclair schools Feb. 9 and caused delayed openings Feb. 10 and 13. Were white supremacists thrilled to see our wonderfully multicultural town become so white?
Flake News!

Yes, after which diversity-minded residents dropped to the ground to color the snow while reading “As I Lay Dyeing.”

Hmm…Faulkner-like book title in a Montclair with a Faulkner system of government. Also on Feb. 10, hardworking NJ 11th for Change members presented Rodney Frelinghuysen’s Morristown office with printouts of the petition asking the Republican congressman to host a town hall. Were 10 million of the 2,700-plus signers from Montclair?
A. Rithmetic

OMG — you’ve been snorting ground-up Pearson math worksheets again.

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New Jersey Audubon Invites You to Follow the Winter Migration of a New Jersey Egret

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New Jersey Egret

For most of the year, you can spot “Edward the Egret” hanging around the Arthur Kill. He’s an urban bird, hatched in the New York-New Jersey harbor, and that is where he feels most at home.

But New Jersey Audubon can tell you, with 100 percent pinpoint accuracy, that Edward also likes to head down to Hilton Head, S.C. for parts of the winter, and has some favorite towns he makes sure to visit.

That’s commonly known because New Jersey Audubon caught Edward in June of 2015, placing a transmitter on him. Researchers are now using GPS and a solar-powered device to track Edward wherever he goes for the rest of his life, said Nellie Tsipoura, Ph.D., a Senior Research Scientist for New Jersey Audubon.

Every day, New Jersey Audubon gets texts from Edward’s transmitter, at 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m., letting Dr. Tsipoura know where he is. His route is easily viewable to the public through or at

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Courage to Create: A Three-Session Workshop at The Creativity Caravan

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Do have half a novel stuffed in the bottom of a drawer? An easel and art supplies but no paintings to show? Or maybe it’s an idea for a new business, a new product or a way to organize the community.

What’s stopping you?

That’s the subject of a three-part workshop, Courage to Create, being offered at The Creativity Caravan (28 S. Fullerton Avenue, Montclair) on three Fridays this March. Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day! Leave a Message of Love

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Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and we’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow. We love our readers, advertisers and community partners that support Baristanet.

To spread the love, we’re giving you a chance to leave your Valentine message to the one(s) you love, in comments.

Whether it’s a poem, a funny line, a simple “I Love You,” or even a proposal – here’s your chance to be romantic.


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