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The Magic of Shopping Local

Go for the sense of moral superiority. Stay for the magic.

Turkey Tunes

Music fit for carving the turkey and chowing down.

Setting the Turkey Table

Creative ideas for your Thanksgiving table and a gift certificate to a fascinating store.

Revisiting a Favorite Book, Again and Again

What is your "go to" book when you need a good read?

Thanks for the Gratitude

Putting the "thanks" back in Thanksgiving, all year round.

Still Ablaze

Even as the light fades and days get shorter, vibrant colors are still to be found in Baristaville.

What Are You Planting?

Take our bulb planting poll.

How I Became a Tree Hugger

Print the tee shirts, call the crunchy granola folks, fight the power, down with the man, WE HAVE A TREE TO SAVE!!!

Now’s the Time to Make an Appointment With the Afterworld

Tarot readings and psychics are in demand this week -- and available at Saturday night's Booo-ristanet party.

Hey, Blackberry Users: Did You Get the DT’s Yesterday?

Were you in Blackberry purgatory yesterday? And tell us what you're carrying in our mobile phone poll.

Halloween Costumes: The Good, the Bad and the Naughty

Need inspiration for Boooristanet?

Name That Monster Cocktail

It's alive....it's alive...IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!

RIP Steve Jobs

As Walleroo said: "Jobs’ passing is one of those moments that just feels big."

These Are A Few Of Bobbi Brown’s Favorite Things

Beauty secrets revealed.

Clever Commute