Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Coffee with…Joe Strupp

Joe Strupp, a Maplewood institution, is a media critic, minister and, most of all, a local pot stirrer.

Coffee with…Sibvon Rose

Montclair vocal teacher extraordinaire Sibvon Rose has a huge fan club -- for her work both on and off stage.

Coffee With … Peter Jacobs

The print version of the NY Times is alive and well at Peter Jacobs's house.

Coffee With … Walleroo

Find out more about the mysterious marsupial and which commenters he thinks would get "voted off the island."

Coffee With … Anie Knipping

Anie Knipping can see music and taste numbers. Her book, "Eccentricity," illustrates the worldview of a synesthesiac.

Coffee With…Children’s Book Author and Editor Arthur Levine

"An amazing thing about Montclair is that we have all these authors. We’re a community that cares about books and writing."

Coffee with … Alan Paul

A Maplewood family relocates to China, and a rock band is born.

Coffee with…Natty Bumpercar

Montclair's animator, artist, and comedian Natty Bumpercar takes his inspiration from what the universe gives him. Talk to him in the supermarket and you might find yourself in a comic strip...

Coffee With … Herb Jiménez

The man to call when your treadmill is broken is a demon on two wheels.

Coffee with … Julie Burstein

A public radio icon and creativity expert is now an author too.

Coffee With … Artists, The Bocours

Her yin, coexisting in perfect harmony with his yang.

Coffee with Melissa Walker and Christian McBride

The beauty of Jazz is you don't know where it's going.

Coffee with…Hank Zona

Maplewood wine expert weighs in on the fruit of the vine in Baristaville.

Coffee with … Wheeler Antabanez

Although he's still a young man, author and filmmaker Wheeler Antabanez is on his way to becoming an urban legend. His unlikely muse is the rancid Passaic River.

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