Bloomfield to Hold Community Meeting Announcing TNVR Program for Feral Cats

Monday, Apr 24, 2017 2:06pm

The Bloomfield Animal Shelter, in partnership with People for Animals, will hold a community meeting to introduce Bloomfield’s “Trap/Neuter/
Vaccinate/Return” (TNVR) program at the Bloomfield Civic Center on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Feral cats, also known as community cats, are cats that live outdoors, often in groups. Many are unsocialized and unable to live in a home as pets. The purpose of the TNVR program is to spay or neuter these cats so they will not reproduce, vaccinate them to ensure they remain healthy, and return them to their original location. Any friendly cats or kittens are retained and adopted out as pets. Continue Reading

Bloomfield Animal Shelter to Hold “Kitten Shower”

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The Supporters of the Bloomfield Animal Shelter will host a “Kitten Shower” on May 6 and 7 from 12-3 p.m.

During this time only, interested adopters will be able to meet all available kittens (and their mothers) and learn about and complete a “Foster-to-Adopt” Application for the kitten(s) of their choice.

Approved adopters will then be notified within 7 days to arrange to pick up their kittens. Continue Reading

Montclair Residents Start Communities Promoting Animal Welfare NJ Organization

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Communities Promoting Animal Welfare NJCommunities Promoting Animal Welfare NJ (CPAW NJ) is a new tax exempt nonprofit organization based in Montclair. The organization is dedicated to helping people keep their pets by preventing animals from being surrendered to shelters, as well as assisting those who work to control and care for the community cat population.

CPAW NJ aims to keep animals out of shelters by providing their knowledge, expertise and resources to anyone considering giving up their pet. This preserves the emotional bond between humans and their pets and keeps cats out of shelters. People seeking help can find cat behavior advice on CPAW NJ’s website, as well as individual counseling and assistance in finding food. Rather than build a building or foster cats, CPAW NJ will partner with as many community members and organizations as possible to keep people and pets together.

CPAW NJ will also work to keep animals out of shelters by controlling the population of community cats through promoting trap, neuter, vaccinate and return (TNVR). CPAW NJ applauds people who care for the community cats in their neighborhoods and will partner with them and private organizations to engage more proactively in this life saving practice. Collaboration will spur more efficiency and enhance the possible success in maximizing the use of scarce resources.

Through education and awareness of TNVR for community cats and alternatives to pet surrender, CPAW NJ will decrease the burden placed on local animal shelters.

“We believe that by collaborating with local community members, we will be able to most effectively accomplish our humane goal of promoting animal welfare,” said Karen Shinevar, one of the founders of CPAW NJ. “I think most people would agree that it’s best for animals and their humans to remain a family and to make sure the community cat population is neutered and vaccinated.”

Shinevar, Marie-Christine Lochot and Rafik Tawadrous founded CPAW NJ with a mission to keep animals out of shelters through helping people keep their pets and by controlling the population of community cats. The organization values compassion, collaboration and celebration in order to promote animal welfare…four paws at a time.

Anyone interested in getting involved with CPAW NJ’s efforts is encouraged to visit online here.



Sponsored: Sweet Dreams for You and Your Pet at Morris Animal Inn

BY  |  Thursday, Mar 23, 2017 11:30am

Morris Animal Inn

Morris Animal Inn is a family owned and operated business. At Morris Animal Inn we are committed to providing compassionate, kind, and professional care for your pet in a healthy and natural environment.  We offer various levels of care and pampering!

Sweet Dreams for You and Your Pet!

We all want to leave our pets in good hands – especially overnight. How can we be sure? Asking these important questions will assure your pet is receiving the best care!

  1. Does your veterinarian recommend the pet care provider? 
  2. Are vaccines required to protect all the pets in their care?
  3. Is a veterinarian on call 24/7?
  4. How many years has the provider been in the pet care business? 
  5. Is staff knowledgeable, experienced and trained animal professionals?
  6. Are cat and dog accommodations separate?
  7. Each pet has different needs. Can you customize your pet’s stay? 
  8. Can you select private or group play depending on your dog’s preference?
  9. Is the location specifically designed for your pet’s safety? Clean, safe and free of odor?
  10. Is there well-maintained fencing and security? 

We would ask similar questions for our children. Pet professionals expect and are prepared to answer these questions as well as provide facility tours. 

Looking for a home-away-from-home for your lovable furry family member? 

At Morris Animal Inn we have

  • 50+ years experience
  • a beautiful garden-like facility (arrange a tour) 
  • highly qualified, dedicated staff
  • transportation for your pets. 

Give us a call and ask us these questions at 973-539-0377 and anything else that is on your mind. We welcome your thoughts and look forward to putting you and your pet’s mind at ease so everyone has sweet dreams. Morris Animal Inn understands every pet is unique and has different needs.

Morris Animal Inn now offer private dog and cat chauffeur service to and from Morris Animal Inn. The highest quality lodging, daycare and grooming services are now just a quick ride away!

Morris Animal Inn
120 Sand Spring Road, Morristown, NJ 07960
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Missing Cat in Upper Montclair

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Missing Cat

A reader writes in:

Please help us find Phoebe, our 18 year old female Russian Blue. Friendly, but she is not used to being outside and may be hiding. Talkative and loves cheese! Escaped through back door from home on Highland Avenue near Normal Avenue in Upper Montclair on 2/28. Wears tag with her name and our phone number. Reward offered. Thanks for your help.


Puppy In Need of A Forever Home

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Kobe is a 6 month old pitbull puppy who broke both of his front legs after falling off of a balcony. His owners abandoned him at the animal hospital, and now he needs a forever home.

Despite everything he’s been through, Kobe is a happy, healthy puppy full of enthusiasm for life! He recently had his casts removed after 8 weeks of healing, and he’s doing great. He loves other dogs, and has thus far been very respectful of cats. Continue Reading

Faith is Hoping for a Home for the Holidays

Monday, Dec 19, 2016 2:56pm  |  COMMENTS (2)

faithcropFaith is a Lab/Terrier mix who is about 9 years old. She has been at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter for almost two years.

Faith came to the shelter after being left in a burned-out house for several months. Her owners came by to feed her, but having lost their home, were unable to find accommodations that would accept a dog. Eventually they agreed to surrender Faith to the shelter to give her another chance at happiness.

Once at the shelter, it was clear Faith had a long road ahead. Her lungs were irritated from the smoke and ashes she had inhaled, and she was traumatized by her experience in the burned-out home. She also had never been spayed — but because of her lung problems, the vet didn’t dare risk putting her under anesthesia.

With love and care, she gradually recovered from her ordeal, but was left with a damaged trachea. Despite that, she was adopted once; however, sadly, she was returned to the shelter, through no fault of her own.

Then this summer, Faith had another setback – she developed mammary tumors and a mast cell tumor on her knee. Thanks to donations, Faith was able to have the surgery she needed and finally be spayed, despite the difficulties posed by her damaged trachea. Unfortunately, she is at high risk of recurrence of the mammary cancer, or of new cancers forming, due to having been spayed so late in life.

faithdish1Faith enjoys her toys and loves going for walks and rides in the car. She even picks up her empty dish to let you know she is hungry!

Faith is very loyal to whoever she is with and will be a devoted companion. However, because of her medical history, there is no guarantee she has many years ahead. All she needs is a generous person who will open their home to her and give her the opportunity to live out her life in comfort and receive the love and care she deserves.

Anyone interested in adopting or fostering Faith can come meet her at the shelter any afternoon between noon and 5 p.m. (until 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays). For more information, email the shelter at [email protected] or call 973-748-0194.

Film Captures Story of How Montclair Cared For Animals After Shelter Fire

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One of the biggest stories in Montclair this year was the fire at the Montclair Animal Shelter.

So many people were involved in helping that day and in the days after. The Montclair Film Festival’s education department worked with nine high school students to produce this fundraising film for The Friends of the Montclair Animal Shelter to help rebuild the animal shelter after the devastating fire in April 2016. The film highlights the work of shelter volunteers as well as the Cameron Animal Hospital.

Lost Cat in Glen Ridge, Reward Offered

Monday, Nov 28, 2016 5:20pm  |  COMMENTS (1)

lostcatA reader writes…

LOST CAT. Please help us find Jasper. 14 year old male/neutered Russian Blue. Friendly, but timid. He is not used to being outside so will not be bold and may be hiding. Last seen corner Oxford/Ridgewood in Glen Ridge. Reward offered. Thanks for your help.

Holiday Donation Drive to Benefit Bloomfield Animal Shelter

BY  |  Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016 12:30pm

Bloomfield Animal Shelter

The Supporters of the Bloomfield Animal Shelter (SOBAS) is holding a Holiday Donation Drive from Thanksgiving through the end of the year, to benefit the animals at the shelter.

SOBAS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is asking for donations to fund various expenses not covered as part of the ongoing care of the animals, such as extraordinary medical expenses, behavioral modification and training, special food and equipment, and more.

For example, $8 will pay for a tube of triple-antibiotic ointment; $18 will pay for a case of Science Diet canned dog food; $38 will pay for a large no-pull dog harness; $80 will pay for a Kuranda bed for older dogs with joint problems; and $110 will pay for a one-hour evaluation/training session with a professional trainer.

Donations may also be used to fund larger expenses, such as extensive surgery, a board-and-train program for problem dogs, or sending an animal to a pet sanctuary.

Continue Reading

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Stopped by on opening day to take out a dozen empanadas. Very welcoming space, especially with the storefront glass open on a warm spring day and sidewalk tables available; and, the staff were warm and engaged. The empanadas are soft and pastry-like, rather than the harder crisper type. They got a thumbs up from the Morales family, who loves them a good empanada!

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