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EPA to Clean Up Lower Section of Passaic River as Part of Huge Superfund...

Deadly chemical cocktail includes dioxin from Agent Orange production.
karuna shala

Interested in a Yoga Studio? Karuna Shala in Glen Ridge is On the Market

After seven years of offering yoga classes and workshops in Glen Ridge, the studio is closing.

Corefire Studio: Getting Hooked On Upper Montclair’s Addictive Workout

A kick-ass high intensity, low impact workout you'll feel for days after -- and begin to crave.

What Makes The Montclair Y Special?

The YMCA of Montclair is holding its annual Strong Community Fundraiser Campaign. Donations are used to help defray the costs of memberships for those residents who otherwise  couldn't afford to join. The YMCA has been...

Gallery Loupe Showcases Art As Jewelry, Jewelry As Art

One of my favorite places in Montclair is the contemporary art jewelry studio, Gallery Loupe--the underrated gem of Church Street.

Buzzing and Bragging About All Things New Jersey

Yeah, I'm from Jersey. Got a problem with that?

Rich Rockwell: The Morris Canal, My Favorite Place in Baristaville

In honor of the Bicentennial of Bloomfield, hike a three-mile path of the Morris Canal.

My Favorite Place: Bangz Salon and Wellness Spa for Mother’s Day

What does every Mom want on her day? Peace, tranquility -- and a good blow-out can't hurt.

The Most Enchanting Place in Montclair

Question: what is breathtakingly beautiful, intoxicatingly scented, and completely tenacious? Read on.

Blowout’s Clubhouse of Cool in Montclair

Upscale kitsch and more, on Glenridge Ave. in Montclair.

My Favorite Place: Montclair’s Glenridge Ave. Post Office

Long lines, no stamps? Count me in!

Van Vleck Goes Through a Phase

Several, actually. They’re all part of a $2.2 million improvement project.

My Favorite Place: Pals Cabin

Thomas Edison, Madame Curie and Liberace all hobnobbed at Pals Cabin in its heydey.

Clever Commute