Saturday, August 8, 2020

Cedar Grove

NY and NJ Mafia Bust Includes “Real Sopranos”

Largest organized crime bust in NY history includes NJ's DeCavalcante family.

Furnace Abstinence and the Extension of Summer

Ready to turn your furnace on, or are you still walking barefoot on the beach?

My Favorite Place: Parlor Hair Studio, Montclair

The hip salon that helped me make peace with my hair.

Coffee with Melissa Walker and Christian McBride

The beauty of Jazz is you don't know where it's going.

My Big Walk: Is it Safe to Walk in Branch Brook Park?

When I posed this question to my friends I'd been out of the country for three weeks. I'd missed the Dean Gaymon tragedy in Newark, and the ensuing stories about sex-trolling and other illicit...

Kitchen Nightmares And Gordon Ramsay Exit Montclair’s Leone’s

Now that Gordon Ramsay has left the building, will you be heading to Leone's?

Kitchen Nightmares Coming to Leone’s, Montclair

Gordon Ramsay will take on Rose Leone.

Affordable Housing For Montclair’s Wildwood Property?

Murnick questions new agenda item -- a resolution to create affordable housing on "park front" property.

Big Dogs, Small Dogs: Keep ‘Em Separated?

Can small dogs and big dogs get along? What about their humans?

And Meanwhile, Down in Washington…

Great weather, funny signs -- and our very own local co-master of ceremonies Stephen Colbert. A report from Team Bloomfield.

Essex County Prosecutor and West Essex Police Departments Form Anti-Crime Task Force

Essex County Prosecutor’s Office and nine Police Departments in the western part of the county have formed an Anti-Crime Task Force. The anti-crime partnership will allow police officers from Caldwell, Cedar Grove, Essex Fells, Fairfield,...

Montclair Moms Gone Wild: Fantasy or Reality?

A story getting the attention of Montclair locals. It's about bored moms who party like they're still 25 and single.

Should Weiner Resign?

Cast your vote here.

Hot From The Kettle: Wine Tasting at Amanti Vino

When Baristanet's Melody Kettle ran out of wine at dinner, she called Amanti Vino -- they brought a bottle of their finest right over.