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A Gorgeous Weekend: Here Are Some Suggestions For How to Spend It

An apple pie contest in Montclair and a green fair in Maplewood are among this weekend's highlights.

Richard Thompson Band at the Wellmont

Considered by many to be the best living guitarist in the world, the founder of British folk rock comes to Montclair. Read on to enter our ticket contest.

A Reader Has Questions About Young Bird–Can You Help?

A reader writes: My neighbor 'rescued' a young bird tonight. I'd call it a 'teenager,' as it is mostly feathered and has just a little bit of down. She picked it up from the...

Maplewood Police Find Dog Locked in Car

On a hot day, a car can quickly become a furnace.

Maplewood’s Snow Mermaid

Anyone else spot a special snow sculpture?

Property Taxes Up 20 Percent Under Christie

Under Christie, there's been less property tax relief in the form of rebates and tax credits.

Laid Off Jersey Cops Might Say So Long, Y’all

Will "NJ's Finest" trade in the state of Springsteen and Bon Jovi for the locales more geared towards the Grand Ole Opry?

Rain Doesn’t Dampen Spirits at Millburn’s Final Summer Concert

An enthusiastic audience defied persistent rain and turned out to see The Characters wrap up Millburn's 2010 summer concert series at the Taylor Park Community Center on Sunday. The Characters promised to play "come rain...

Getting Around On 4th Of July Weekend With NJT

If you're leaving Baristaville to join tens of thousands of revelers along the New Jersey Waterfront, you really don't want to drive, do you? The big draw, of course, is a spectacular view of...

Hot From The Kettle: Prosciutto di Palma – Part 2

Curing is amazingly simple - easy as 1,2,3.

Crane’s Deli and Martin’s Pretzels: Perfect Together

Hand-rolled by Mennonite bakers in Lancaster County, these pretzels are now available in Maplewood.

Baristaville Rentals for $2,000 or Less

Carriage houses, suites in private homes, as well as traditional apartments are among the choices.

Coffee with … Alan Paul

A Maplewood family relocates to China, and a rock band is born.

Remembering Dad

My first Father's Day -- without Dad.