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by Mosarti arts enterpizes - March 16, 2019

News Release:

 The Bike Series: Montclair artist Marco Munoz Jaramillo


Un viaje en Newark           (“A Journey in Newark”)

Showing in La Cocina

Open reception and artist talk. 

On exhibit April 5, 2019  (5PM to 7PM)

61 New street Newark New Jersey

      If anyone dares to look, inspiration is around us at all times. We will never fully comprehend where genius comes from. God, not the devil “is in all the details”. Artists have the self- appointed task of pointing them out and jotting them down, revealing what already exists. Artists are those who “wonder” off the path of their journey, curiously picking out these imperfect perfections.


      Here at this show (“The Bike Series”) bicycles are mere suggestions to a much bigger idea to the viewer. Within these paintings there lies an absence of a more recognizable presence. In other words, looking at the bike series clearly and simply, these are bicycles. Universally, anyone in the civilized world will recognize the image of a man-powered cycle in any language and/or culture, but looking just a bit further, and at the same time, there is an absence of its subject. The observer is taken to places that exist only in the mind of its maker, the artist, Marco Muñoz Jaramillo. Viewing the work, the world seemingly changes and the viewer is no longer in front of the painting but is transported to an unknown journey. Examining the vibe of these paintings evokes a sense of timelessness, somehow becoming old but remaining new. The paintings bridge the gaps and emit emotions; expressing a sense of brokenness as well as the joy of exuberance, which is all captured at the same moment in time. At first glance the bikes are disguised by simplicity yet its complexity transports us to a “Journey in Newark”.


Montclair NJ            



Featured Artist: Marco Muñoz Jaramillo

A long-time resident of Montclair NJ, Marco Munoz Jaramillo was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In the late 1950’s his parents found a new start in the City of New York in what is now known as Washington Heights.  His parents, Alfredo and Leonora Munoz Jaramillo, like many immigrants, were in pursuit of greater opportunities that eventually lead them across the river to neighboring New Jersey.  This is where Marco developed a noticeable ability to transform his thoughts into images. This remarkable ability awarded Marco a full scholastic award to the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL.  Marco credits all the mentors / teachers who pushed him to succeed as well as to develop his skills as an artist.  Many of the images displayed at this show are individual journeys (in the mind and heart), each its own adventure to explore in amazement. Marco has been given the ability to transform the everyday and mundane experience to a height of exuberance with a blend of childlike awe.


Marco Muñoz Jaramillo


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