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by Petra Kershaw - June 2, 2019

A small intentional community is coming to the Montclair area. We are looking for 40-something and older women to share a 5 bedroom house. We are looking for folks who have a soulful spirit, who are open-minded and …someone who knows how to "think out of the box".

“Ethnic and Cultural Diversity” and "Mindfulness" will be a big focus of living together in our community. Celebrating all walks of life and learning communication skills that meet the needs of the individual and the community. It is my vision to continually work on ways to keep lines of communication open, be it in a group forum or a one-on-one situation.

That being said, there will be an optional communal dinner once weekly. House meetings will also go on – most likely bi-weekly or monthly.

Group concensus is very important. We will all take part in what goes on in the house, meaning any activities someone would like to plan and we will have house meetings to deal with any conflicts, issues or ideas.

The rent per room, including all utilities as well as laundry facilities start at $900. There is one extra large room which will be a little more – exact figure yet to be determined. (This room could fit two easily).

The house is divided into three floors. The first floor is occupied by the owner. The other two floors are for the community. One floor has three bedrooms and the other two. There is one large kitchen, washer and dryer and two shared bathrooms. There is also a living and dining room on the second floor.

This will be a lot of fun and very comfortable for the right people. 

Please contact me right away with any questions and/or a sincere interest in this effort. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon! 

In Peace, Petra

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