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How To Gain Weight Healthy & Quickly

by - 3 weeks ago

Many Americans have a goal of losing weight, but seldom talked about on talk shows, the news, and other media outlets is people looking to gain weight.  Most of the time it is men looking to gain weight.  But believe it or not many women are looking to gain weight as well.  This article will address the healthy way to gain weight safely and efficiently.

How To Gain Weight

The best way to increase body weight is to exercise with weights.  Exercising with weights will increase muscle protein synthesis.  When muscle protein synthesis is increased muscle growth incurs, and one will gain weight.  The best exercises to increase muscle protein synthesis is the squat, deadlift, military press, and bench press.  Try to find a lifting program and do these exercises at least twice a week.

One can increase their protein intake to gain weight.  Simply eating bigger portions of meats such as chicken, beef, egg, and fish can help one gain weight.  

After that increasing total caloric intake will help one gain weight.  Increasing calories from food such as vegetables, fruit, grains, and dietary fats will help.  Remember that fat yields 9 calories per gram versus protein and carbohydrates that only yield 4 calories per gram. 

What Not To Do To Gain Weight

Eating junk foods that contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, fried food, soy, and highly processed food is not a good idea to gain weight.  Adding weight in the form of body fat is not ideal.  Adding body fat is unhealthy.

Weight Gain Pills

Some supplement companies sell weight gain pills.  Unfortunately, the best weight gain pills do not work. 

Keep in mind pills or capsules will not help you gain weight.  These are just scams.  The only way to gain weight is to lift weights and increase your calories.  A pill made out of a certain supplement will not do anything but take money out of your wallet. 

In conclusion, to gain weight quickly lift weights for 1 hour per day for at least 5 days per week.  Free weights work the best.  Combine that with increased caloric intake from lean meat and fat and one will be successful at gaining weight.

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