Oh, What a Day We Have Planned

Does it get any better? First over to the Bloomfield Farmer's Market to pick up scapes. Then over to the Yogi Berra Museum to see this guy.

Local Color

Look who we spotted at Bloomfield's Cruise Night yesterday: the cat man, Bloomfielder Leon Skorupski, sitting beside his Malibu. Wish it had occured to us to ask what he was reading.

If A is the Number of Repeat Offenders, and B is….

Our pal Alison Meyer goes to the Bloomfield Board of Ed meetings, scribbles furiously and leaves her notes on the NJ.com Bloomfield Forum. Of course, you can only work with what you get. In...

Water Water Everywhere

When a June 17th rain flooded the children's room at the Glen Ridge Library, it ruined 400 children's books and rendered the children's room unusable for the summer. Water wound up on shelves four...

Red Hair, White Face, Big Round Nose….

Ronald McDonald went missing recently at the McDonald's on Broad St. in Bloomfield. The Independent Press of Bloomfield reported: The manager of the Broad Street McDonald's told police that a portrait of the company icon had...

Dude, the Dog Ate My College Essay

Then you're in luck! If you were, like, watching VH1 while everyone else was filling out their college applications, have we got the school for you. Bloomfield College is having an Instant Decision Day today....

Just to Piss off Right of Center

A link to Michael Moore's new blog.


Kerry has picked John Edwards as his running mate. We also hear that Cheney is still leaning towards Bush as his. Read Wonkette for the Washington buzz on this story.

Did You Say Scapes?

The newest member of the Barista team, accomplished cook Cat Morris, has volunteered to check out the Montclair Farmer’s Market each week, find something interesting, and send in a recipe. This week it was scapes. Scapes? The...

Arts Meeting Coming Up

We were cleaning out our e-mail box last night and came across this interesting release. It was just a wee bit wordy, so we thought we'd tweak it a little. Open Community Arts Meeting We be...