Garrison Keillor in NJ

Garrison Keillor is coming to New Jersey this weekend. Read more here.

Mom’s Worst Nightmare

Here's proof that just because you're looking through a camera doesn't mean you're actually seeing what's going on. Now, let's set the scene. It's the last game of the baseball season, the Barista's got a...

Stuck in This Barista Boy’s Head

Because how often do you get this kind of honesty from someone at the top of his game? "I dumbed down for my audience to double my dollars They criticized me for it yet they all...

You Mean I Could Have Had the Massager?

The Star Ledger reports today that $21.67 was spent on every voter who turned out for the Montclair mayoral election last month. Barista went trolling for what Montclairians might have got for that money.

GOP Upset: Dawson Out

Sure, all those Republicans may look alike: silver hair, golf shirt, khaki pants, docksiders. But all that country club veneer didn't do much to hide one of the nastiest intra-party battles in recent memory....

Garden Fantasies

Samuel Johnson called second marriages a "triumph of hope over experience." That's how the Barista feels about gardening. All those marvelous pansies, petunias and begonias, so alluring in spring, wind up scraggly, gnarled and...

What, Me Worry?

The Barista was pretty surprised when she saw this poll from the Record of Bergen, along with the headline that North Jerseyeans are more worried about traffic than they are about another terror attack. Wait....

I Guess That Means Seven More Fat Years

According to our friend The Proprietor, we ain't getting the cicadas after all. If they haven't come by now, they're not coming. Whew. That's one less plague to worry about.

Demolition Watch

She has instructions to call at the first bulldozer.