What, Me Worry?

Don't worry...You don't have to get ready for school until Sept. 8? Don't worry...We'll take your brats back Sept. 8? Don't worry...No homework until Sept. 8? Don't worry...We don't know how to punctuate either! (Suggest your own interpretation.)

Long, Longer, Longest

Friday night in Brookdale Park: The fireworks display was impressively long. The concert was even longer. The wait to get out of the park: endless. We don't want to complain, but.... The rearrangement of the concert space to the...


What's this picture of a Homer Simpson chia head doing on our website? Check it out.

The Blair House Project

"All beautiful houses are beautiful in the same way," says our friend Fran Liscio, paraphrasing Tolstoy. "But all ugly houses are ugly in different ways." The Montclair resident wants to prove her point by...

A New Walmart in Bloomfield?

Bloomfield is abuzz these days on the question of whether a new Walmart might be planned for the site of the former Westinghouse lamp division in the Watsessing neighborhood. And nobody's more abuzz about...

New Kid on the Block

A bunch of exchange students from Spain and Italy came into Glen Ridge yesterday through the Academic Adventures in America program. Here's Diana, who hails from Spain, and is staying with the Barista for...

For Your Digital Pleasure

Our Seattle bureau chief just sent us the WFMU newsletter, which included this. If you're bored, unable to get to fireworks or just want to scare a baby or small pet, check it out.

Radio Love Letter

Thanks again to the Watercooler, we found out about Steve Twomey's lovely homage on NPR to his son's Montclair teacher, Ms. Patel. Go listen.

Helium Shopping

The Barista apologizes for being a little light on today's daily dish. OK, a lot light. Let's consider it a diet. The thing is, we have 3,000 red, white and blue Barista of Bloomfield Ave....

Ix-nay on the Own-Fay

Starting today, you can get a $250 ticket and one motor vehicle point for talking on your cell phone while driving in New Jersey. Ok, that takes care of half the problem. So when are...