Montclair Arts Alliance Presents Montclair Arts Festival 2017, A 4-Day Event

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The Montclair Arts Alliance presents Montclair Arts Festival 2017 – a four-day arts extravaganza featuring theater, visual arts, jazz, rock/R&B, opera, dance, performances for young audiences, interactive arts and more. The festival will take place Wednesday, November 29 through Saturday, December 2 at the historic United Way Theater, 60 South Fullerton Avenue.

Tickets prices are $20 for a single day ticket, $30 for a two-day ticket, $40 for three days and $50 for the four-day all-festival pass. Tickets may be purchased at


Don’t Miss! Fall Art Walk in Montclair Center on Friday, Oct 20

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Acrylic and gold leaf, 24×24 by Carrie Emma Pradieu, instagram @carrieemmaa777

Don’t miss Montclair Center’s Fall Art Walk will take place on Friday, Oct. 20 from 6-9 pm. The Art Walk features paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures from local established and emerging artists in the boutiques, restaurants and cafes of downtown Montclair.

Maps and more details are be available at

The Creativity Caravan Announces October Exhibit with Montclair Artist Jennifer Levine

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The Creativity Caravan, a creative arts studio, gallery, and “imaginarium” devoted to building community through creative action, proudly announces an upcoming exhibit featuring the work of Montclair-based self-described “neo-outsider artist” Jennifer Levine. According to Levine, her work is inspired by the energy and cultural richness of the town of Montclair. She is also currently spearheading Art Park Montclair, a campaign to transform underused public space into art “playgrounds.”

The exhibit will open on Friday October 6 with a free reception from 7 – 9:30 p.m. The public is invited to meet the artist, view her current work and hear more about her process and her plans for creating the art park.

Levine says she started painting 10 years ago when she was going through a divorce. “I had no experience painting, but needed something to hold onto as I faced the ordeal. I read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and it led me through a process that ultimately changed my life in the most profound and wonderful way. Through drawing and painting, I was able to unearth the depth of my being and find a way to express myself that served others. I continue to paint almost every day and love every minute of the process.” Continue Reading

Artists Interpret Climate, Race, Gender Identity at Montclair Art Musuem

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Montclair resident and nationally renowned contemporary artist Philemona Williamson has her first ever solo exhibition of 20 thematic oil paintings at Montclair Art Museum now, through January 7.

Philemon Williams (b.1951) Eventual Autumn, 2003. Oil on Linen 62×50 in. Courtesy of the artist and June Kelly Gallery, New York

Large and colorful, children populate her 20 wildly enchanting, entertaining and thought provoking canvasses. The works span Williams’ career from 1988 to the present. Often autobiographically inspired, there is action, play, emotion and of course her own narrative on the fluidity and ambiguity of age, race, class and gender – a frequent topic for these days.

The familiarity of her characters and the symbolism in her art is striking and accessible. One painting which stopped me in my tracks, “Eventual Autumn” (2003) depicts two adolescents who have dropped their toys in a backdrop of falling leaves. Are they two boys, a girl and a boy? You can’t really tell by their clothing or facial features, which seem mismatched. And the muted skin tones leave ethnicity and race in question. The two friends are holding hands; it seems the artist depicts identities and relationships in transition, yet to be defined. Does it matter? You may have seen this painting displayed on the exhibition’s flag banners around town – go see the painting for yourself.

Philemona Williamson (b. 1951) In the Studio, 2017. Composite photograph printed on Poplin. Photographs by Peter Jacobs Fine Arts Imaging. Image courtesy of the artist.

Passing through the exhibition’s first and second gallery, visitors are treated to the museum’s beautiful atrium which always affords artists a unique space for display. Williamson does not disappoint, with her first sculptural works conceived specially for the space. A collection of four large abstract “Topsy-Turvy Dolls”(2017) occupy the alcoves – folk art dolls without the typical dress – laying bare the textile figures of contrasting skin colors though of dubious gender. The message of unity and inclusiveness is clear – portrayed in a happy, comforting way.

Philemona Williamson (b. 1951) Limbs, 2016. Oil on linen. Collection of Philemona Williamson. Image courtesy of the artist.

The largest painting, “Limbs” (2016), takes a more impressionistic form showing the artistic process on the canvas of unpainted areas of faces and clothing, overlapping lines, and a rich palette – all which lends movement of children’s limbs in the limbs of a tree.

Finally, don’t overlook Williamson’s gigantic composite photographic mural occupying the museum’s Laurie Staircase. Here again the artist has taken advantage of the space to create a photographic collage of her personal sources of artistic inspiration, letting us all in on elements that touch her soul and by design, ours as well.

New York artist, Charles Burchfield, exhibits a different kind of inspiration for a lifetime of paintings, drawings and watercolors – a sampling of which, on loan from the Burchfield Penny Art Center in Buffalo, is featured at MAM – also through January 7.

Sunburst, 1929–31. Charles E. Burchfield (1893–1967) Oil on canvas. The Charles Rand Penney Collection of Works by Charles E. Burchfield, 1994. Reproduced with permission from the Charles E. Burchfield Foundation and the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Weather patterns, in all its permutations, is what directed the artist’s vision. As weather and light are constantly changing during the day, all of Burchfield’s works contain unmistakable motion and progression – you see wind, rain, heat, cold, sun, shade, light, darkness often all in one painting. A keen observer of nature, Burchfield said the best work is done in retrospection. Continue Reading

Montclair Public Library Gallery Presents John Monto Exhibit

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The Montclair Public Library Gallery, 50 South Fullerton Avenue, presents an exhibit by acclaimed artist John Monto. The display will be on view during library hours Sept. 1- through Sept. 29, 2017. A reception for the artist is scheduled for Thursday, September 26 from 6-8 pm in the gallery area.

John Monto is a Montclair, New Jersey artist recently relocated from Minnesota. He is part of a group of artists who were influenced by Willem De Kooning and spent time in his studio in East Hampton, NY. Much of his painting has been nonrepresentational art. The art in the show at the Montclair Public Library is an exploration into cut-outs, flat colors and graphic design.

Continue Reading

Tango Through Time: Capturing Montclair History through the Art of Vincent Tango

Sunday, Aug 27, 2017 2:15pm

“Tango through Time,” an exhibit of prints by Montclair artist Vincent Tango (Montclair High School Class of 1962), has been extended until September 30 at the Montclair History Center’s Crane House and Historic YWCA. Tango is renowned for his iconic images of Montclair, with a special emphasis on Montclair High School athletics, Mountie Football, ice skating at Edgemont Park, Bond’s Ice Cream, and many other recognizable Montclair locales. His unique Folk Art style and love of Montclair are reflected in this comprehensive display of his “Memories of Montclair” series, with his own memories of the image incorporated into the exhibit. The exhibit will be open on regular public tours dates at the Crane House & Historic YWCA through the end of September or by appointment during weekday office hours. For the public tour calendar, visit

Montclair Public Library Welcomes Encore Exhibit By Multi-Media Artist Robert Ferguson

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The Montclair Public Library Gallery, 50 South Fullerton Avenue, welcomes an exciting encore exhibit by acclaimed multi-media artist Robert Ferguson. The display will be on view in the Montclair Public Library Gallery, 50 South Fullerton Avenue, during library hours from August 1 to August 29. The art reception is scheduled on Thursday, August 10 from 5-8pm in the gallery area. Continue Reading

“Jazz In Focus” Opens At The Gallery at Hillside Square, Thursday, 7/27

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The Gallery at Hillside Square, Jazz House Kids and the Montclair Jazz Festival present “Jazz in Focus,” featuring the work of three noted jazz photographers — Richard Conde, Patrick Hilaire and the late Ed Berger. In this exhibit, each artist has a slightly different field of vision on jazz artists, either on the stage or at their leisure. The free art exhibition will be open from July 27 through October 27, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, July 27th from 6-9pm. This show leads up to the annual Montclair Jazz Festival, which is produced by Jazz House Kids with presenting sponsorship by Bravitas and the Silver Family Foundation. Continue Reading

More Murals in Montclair! BID Anounces Call to Artists for Mural Design Proposals

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One of the great murals in Montclair on Glenridge Ave. by Verdigreen Home. Montclair Center BID wants to place more murals throughout the downtown area.

The Montclair Center BID announced a Call to Artists for mural design proposals. The BID is seeking works of art that reflect the rich heritage, culture and vibrancy of Montclair – from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Murals will be placed throughout the downtown area in locations to be determined. The early deadline for consideration for a Fall 2017 mural is Tuesday, Sept. 5. Final proposals are due Monday, Oct. 2.

“This is a great opportunity for artists, schools and organizations to get their creativity working and out and about in downtown Montclair,” said Israel Cronk, Executive Director of the Montclair Center BID. “We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!”

Expect to see more murals in Montclair, like the Dallery Tulip mural.

Continue Reading

The Creativity Caravan Announces New Exhibit, “The Anarchy of Emotion” and Artist in Residence

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“The Anarchy of Emotion,” featuring the work of Glen Ridge photographer Walter Oliver, debut this month at The Creativity Caravan (28 South Fullerton Avenue) and will run through August 5, 2017.

The collection of images reflect the human instinct to express emotion, and in this case to express it anonymously and public via street art or graffiti, even if it means flouting the law. As part of this exhibit, viewers will be invited to interact with the photographs in various ways, and several public programs in conjunction with the exhibit are planned for children and adults. Continue Reading

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