Montclair Film ’70s MIXTAPE: A 1970s Dance Party Fundraiser with Stephen Colbert

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Montclair Film today announced ‘70s MIXTAPE: A 1970s DANCE PARTY featuring live music from Joe McGinty & the Loser’s Lounge, New York City’s premier interpreters of modern song, with special performances from Stephen Colbert, Patrick Wilson, Warren Zanes, and other special guests. Performances will range from disco to pop, funk to new wave, celebrating styles that ruled the dancefloors of the 1970s. The event will be designed around the colors of black, white and gold, to capture the spirit of the era.

The event takes place on Saturday, February 24, 2018, at 8:00 PM at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ. Proceeds from this special evening will support Montclair Film’s ongoing, year-round film and education programs. Continue Reading

Aging Is In! AIM’s Celebrating Aging in Film Is A Hit

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Aging in Montclair (AIM) recently collaborated with to present their first “Celebrating Aging in Film Series” last weekend. Three films were shown in the Presentation Hall of Montclair State University’s new School of Communications and Media, and the final film at Montclair Art Museum.

The goal of the series was to educate, entertain, and inspire intergenerational audiences about the issues of aging, and to promote an ongoing dialogue on this important topic. The four selections, “Up,” “Cherry Blossoms,” “Iris” and “The World’s Fastest Indian,” dealt seriously and imaginatively with aging issues such as dementia, romance, and sex, and portrayed a variety of later life experiences including the end of life.

Mario Garrett, PhD., Professor of Gerontology at UC San Diego curated this event, presenting thought-provoking questions in his introduction to each film and led an engaging discussion following each screening. AIM hoped to attract an intergenerational audience of film lovers, and they came –students, younger adults, those approaching retirement age, caregivers, and vibrant older adults experiencing the aging themes of the movies.

The consensus of those who attended was that the best part of each screening was the lively post-film discussion, as Professor Garrett encouraged the audience to explore issues of aging and stereotypes of “ageism” as they were portrayed in the films. Continue Reading

MKA to Host Biggest Annual Scholastic Book Fair in the U.S.; R.L. Stine and Marc Brown Present “Mary McScary”

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Montclair Kimberley Academy (MKA) is proud to once again be the site of the largest annual Scholastic Book Fair in the country from November 5th -8th. This year, the book fair is themed around the Wild West, encouraging everyone to “Saddle up and Read!” This tri-campus annual event, organized by the Parents’ Association of MKA, has become a highlight of school and community life, and the school is excited to open the book fair to the general public on November 5th for a Sunday Spectacular event.

During the Sunday Spectacular at the Middle School Campus (201 Valley Road, Montclair), the community is invited to take part in a fun-filled day of shopping and a celebrity author event. This year, the school is very pleased to have R.L. Stine and Marc Brown presenting their new book, Mary McScary, at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 5th.

Additional confirmed authors include Peter Reynolds, Brad Meltzer, Peter Brown, Jordan Sonnenblick, Karuna Riazi, and Francisco X. Stork. Continue Reading

Horror Film Trivia with Montclair Film Festival at Antique Bar & Bakery

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Test your knowledge on Halloween flicks throughout the ages with Horror Film Trivia, hosted by Montclair Film Executive Director Tom Hall. See how many fun and challenging trivia questions ranging from Hocus Pocus to Night of the Living Dead you get right. Horror films from the 70’s will be projected on the walls, themed music will play and food specials will be available. This haunting twilight will be filled with Halloween fun, and most importantly, the ZOMBIE cocktail, known from the graveyards to the haunted houses as the best hangover cure around. This bone-chilling cocktail will be served along with other drink specials and will surely make for a fantastic afternoon.

Horror Film Trivia
When: Sunday, October 29 at 3-5 p.m.
Where: Antique Bar & Bakery, 122 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ
Tickets: Free

MontClairVoyant: You’ll See What ELA Stands For When You Sit Down to Read This

BY  |  Thursday, Oct 19, 2017 1:30pm  |  COMMENTS (85)


ELA! What does it stand for?

Not Electric Light Orchestra

English Language Arts, and Extra-Large Atrocities built by developers in Montclair.


Can we first talk about the latest way-too-big project before discussing the new Extremely Lopped Authors (ELA) curriculum and other things that came up at Monday’s Board of Education meeting?

Held 15 Days Before Halloween

Sure! A developer wants to replace the car wash and car-rental place at Grove and Walnut with an oversized, mediocre-looking retail/office structure. He’s also known for demolishing the historic Marlboro Inn to build those huge Christopher Court houses, and for hosting Most Variances Palooza.


What a festival! For his Grove/Walnut project, that developer wants a variance to create only 50 parking spaces despite 82 being required. Plus that project would make an already busy area CRAZY busy with even more traffic — in a locale near train tracks. Would an approval again Exemplify Leadership Abdication (ELA)?

Parking Paucity

You betcha, with one silver lining: Grove Pharmacy would do a bang-up business selling tranquilizers to people driving north on Grove after they finally get past Walnut.


At Oct. 16’s BOE meeting, there was plenty of public criticism of the new English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum that calls for students to read fewer novels and more short things. I know you devoted a whole column to that last week, but do you have anything to add?

Test-Preppy Approach

Reading full novels is educational, pleasurable, helps teach empathy, and helps students develop more of an attention span in this digital age of short content. Speaking of that, my previous sentence can be summarized as “novels: good.”


If the BOE and the school district listened more to teachers (as various Oct. 16 attendees requested), we’d get Education-Lesson Awesomeness (ELA), right? Teachers are on “the front lines,” and know what’s best for students!

Peta Gogy

Far from “the front lines” is PARCC test pusher Pearson, a company known as England’s Least Asset (ELA).


Wasn’t a highlight of the meeting BOE member Eve Robinson responding to the interim superintendent’s annual PARCC report by eloquently slamming those exams for being bad, for wasting precious learning time, etc.?

Stan Dardized-Nonsense

Yes! Those detested tests are reportedly now given in just five states — down from 20-plus! — and hopefully a new governor will help get rid of them in Jersey, too. I won’t rest until the PARCCs are in minus-five states (Pearson math).


Shorter ELA readings in middle school, and now school-district enforcement of shorter maternity leaves. Any connection between those negative developments?

Non-Progressive Moves

Exhausted parents of newborns might mistake the title of James Michener’s “Tales of the South Pacific” for “Wails of Those Who Mouth Pacifiers.” Oops — that wordplay was pathetic, goshdarnit.


Hey! Watch your language!

On TV or Your Phone

Just keep your Ears Locked, Always (ELA).


Dave Astor, author, is the MontClairVoyant. His opinions about politics and local events are strictly his own and do not represent or reflect the views of Baristanet.





Annual Newark Bike Tour on October 8

BY  |  Tuesday, Oct 03, 2017 10:00am  |  COMMENTS (0)

Bikes will roll free through the Brick City on Sunday, October 8, taking riders through some of Newark’s great sights, like the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Branch Brook Park, Weequahic Park, and the Ironbound.

Organized by Newark nonprofit bike advocacy group Brick City Bike Collective (BCBC), the 16-mile ride will include two route options: a 5-mile family loop circling through the Ironbound, for all riders, then an optional 11-mile section to Weequahic Park and back, for those looking to go the full distance.

The ride will start at Washington Park at Washington and Broad Streets at 11 a.m., and riders of the full 16 miles will finish back there around 2 p.m. Escorted by members of the Newark Police Department, the ride will take a relaxed pace to welcome cyclists of all abilities to the city’s streets. Continue Reading

Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa Merges With SpaTique to Expand Spa Services

BY  |  Monday, Sep 11, 2017 3:17pm

Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa expands their menu of spa services by merging with Montclair-based SPAtique, formerly located on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. The merger will heighten the already expansive spa services which include massages, facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, make-up, skin care and more.

Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa will continue to provide customers with an amazing rewards programs including the Client Loyalty Program, Bangz Buddies and Employee of the Month discounts. For more details about Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa rewards this fall, please visit

“We are delighted to expand our already substantial offerings in our spa,” says co-owner Richard Cronk. Co-owner Dominic Sansavero says, “We are truly thrilled to continue to meet the needs of our customers by growing our spa and salon services across the board.”

Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa, 23 South Fullerton Ave., Montclair, (973) 746-8426

The Tour de Montclair Returns on Sunday, October 1!

BY  |  Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017 9:30am

The Tour de Montclair returns! The Tour will be held on Sunday, October 1 at 10 a.m.. The Tour will end at the Open Streets Festival to be held this year on Midland Avenue in Montclair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A family-friendly bike ride with 6- and 12- mile options, Tour de Montclair begins on Midland Avenue and takes riders through the four wards of Montclair, highlighting parts of town not easily seen by car. Riders will cruise by the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens and Nishuane Park, pass the Montclair Art Museum and much more. Riders are invited to enjoy the sights at their own pace: fast, slow or anywhere in between! The ride ends back at Midland Avenue where riders can celebrate at the Open Streets Festival. Continue Reading

Crane Park Community Gardening Event Free and Open to the Public, 8/20

BY  |  Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017 10:15am

The Northeast Earth Coalition, Inc. (NEEC) and Friends of Crane Park will have a community gathering at the park (Glenridge Ave. at corner of Greenwood Avenue) on Sunday, August 20th from noon to 4pm, to celebrate with volunteers and neighbors the completion of the first step of the Crane Park Demonstration Garden.

The objective of this garden project is to make the park appealing and desirable to the community. The garden includes native plants from the Northeast that are beneficial for pollinators and birds. It will be a four-season garden with perennials and evergreens. During the first step of the garden, now in progress, more than 150 blooming summer plants will be planted. Continue Reading

Montclair Senior of the Month: Carolyn Lack

Monday, Jul 10, 2017 12:30pm

Meet Carolyn Lack, Montclair Senior of the Month for July.

How old are you? 88

Where were you born? Philadelphia

When did you move to Montclair? 1956

Why did you move to Montclair?
Good schools, near NYC, diverse community, beautiful town.

Are you currently employed? If so, doing what? If you had a career, what was it? I was a science teacher in Philadelphia and Bloomfield (and was required to stop when I was 3 months pregnant). I was an interviewer for the Survey Research Center, University of Michigan from 1974-1983, and then worked 24 years at the US Census Bureau, retiring in 2007.

How have you been engaged in the community? League of Women Voters Montclair Area: vice president; moderator for candidates forums; member of State Education committee; active in reform of Essex County and Montclair governments. PTA president, Rand School 1966-68. Montclair Adult School: Board secretary; member of curriculum committee. Montclair Consumer Affairs Advisory Committee 1982-84. NEDAC (North Essex Development and Action Council) Board member and leader of NEDAC Family Communication Workshops 1971-75. Montclair Hadassah Board. Congregation Shomrei Emunah Board of Education 1970-74; Board of Trustees 2000-02. Commissioner, Montclair Redevelopment Agency 1988-95. Tutor, Literacy Volunteers of America. AIM (Aging in Montclair) founding member and secretary.

What are some of the most important lessons you feel you have learned throughout your life? Learning new things is always rewarding, and the satisfying benefits of volunteering and giving are greater than your efforts.

What are your plans for future? How does Montclair fit into these plans? I want to stay in beautiful Montclair to enjoy my family and friends and the many activities here.

If you know of a Montclair senior who should be featured, please call Katie York, Director of Senior Services/Lifelong Montclair, at 973-509-4967

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Sad. Let's hope that this is not its "Last Tango." One of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in town. Valentino, Garbo, Keaton must have played there.

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