Women’s March On Washington – Montclair Edition UPDATED

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Women's March On Washington - Montclair Edition (Developing)

2:50 a.m: In the predawn hours Saturday, less than 24 hours after the inauguration of Donald Trump, hundreds of local residents boarded a line of chartered buses in front of Montclair High School. The six buses were bound for The Women’s March on Washington, a massive national rally expected to draw crowds five times larger than the inauguration itself.

Though the morning was still pitch-black, the buses’ headlights illuminated the marchers, some of whom carried signs displaying hopeful and angry sentiments: “I could be at home but you give me no choice” — “No Room for Hate Here” — “Rebellions are Built on Hope.”

IMG_0082 (1)

Montclair resident Constance Harding was there with two friends, Mallory and John, also of Montclair. “I’m here to support women’s rights and to protest sexual assault,” she said. “I’m a 3-time sexual assault survivor. I’m here to kick some ass.” Continue Reading

Montclair To Represent At Women’s March on Washington

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 Women's March on Washington

Many Montclair women and their daughters will join the hundreds of thousands of women across the country to attend the Women’s March on Washington or another of the local sister marches in NJ or NYC on Saturday, January 21. Whether they take buses organized by local women, drive, or take a train, they will all get together to stand together in solidarity for the protection of women’s rights, safety,  health, and their families.

Baristanet spoke with several of the women (and one man) to learn what joining the march means to them:

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Honoring Dr. King Today

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"Keeping the Dream," A Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at NJPAC

Dr. Martin Luther King’s life has been honored by a national holiday since 1986. Today throughout Baristaville and the nation, people will come together to remember Dr. King at a service or by participating in a day of service.

Check out some local services and events to honor MLK here and watch his famous speech below:

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Dear Alma: Navigating Friend Relationships With Married Men, Cooking For Guests

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Dear Alma: Navigating Friend Relationships With Married Men, Cooking For GuestsDear Alma,

At work I’ve met some really interesting, funny men. I see them infrequently but would love to see them more often, outside of the work setting, maybe have them over for dinner. By the way I am happily married. I don’t know their wives but would love to invite both husband and wife over for a meal. Is it inappropriate? Would the wife feel threatened that her husband has a female friend? I’m concerned too, that my husband will feel threatened that I have a male friend- even though he will see that this friend is happily married. I want to clarify that there is no funny business involved! I just enjoy the companionship of both men and women. How would you proceed? Is this something a married person should avoid doing?

Feeling Short Changed On Who I Can Socialize With

Dear Feeling Short Changed On Who I Can Socialize With,

Pardon my frankness, but as long as you are honest with yourself about not wanting to lure the guest(s) into your bed with your delicious cooking, I see no reason why you shouldn’t invite them over. New friends are the spice of life whether they are men, women, Syrian refugees, whomever. I would suggest discussing it with your partner and if he has an issue with it, there may be other issues at play in your marriage that need to be addressed. As for the wives of the men, they’ll have to figure that one out themselves, not you.

Enjoy the dinner party! Continue Reading

DeCamp Buses Get a Makeover

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Locals may have noticed that DeCamp buses have gotten a makeover. The company tweeted this announcement a few weeks ago:

Some residents are questioning whether the plain white buses with either no or very minimal DeCamp logos are a sign that the owners of DeCamp might be looking to sell the business. Baristanet’s calls and emails to the management about the new buses have gone unanswered.

Still, we were wondering how commuters felt about the new buses:

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A Snowy and Cold Weekend

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(Photo: Laura Torchio)

We were greeted with a bit of snow this morning and more is on the way making it a snowy, but more significantly, cold weekend ahead. A “winter storm watch” has been issued for parts of New Jersey with more snow expected tomorrow morning, but our area is likely to just get another inch or so.

The cold temperatures will put more of a damper on your weekend activities, with high only expected in the mid-20s and lows down to 13°, with a “real Feel” of 5°.

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Bobbi Brown Launches ‘Bobbi Unplugged’ at 18 Label Studios in Montclair

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Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown announced that she was stepping down from her namesake cosmetics company a few weeks ago. Now comes another announcement. Today at 12 pm, Brown will kickoff a Facebook Live lifestyle series called Bobbi Unplugged on her Facebook page.

The weekly series will be filmed right here in Montclair at 18 Label Studios and will feature different guests each week.



Montclair & Bloomfield PDs Offer Citizen Police Academy Class

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Citizen Police Academy Class

The Montclair and Bloomfield Police Departments are offering a free 10-week Citizen Police Academy Class from January 24 – April 18, open to eligible residents.

The training courses will be instructed by certified law enforcement officers from the Montclair Police Department, Bloomfield Police Department, as well as officers from other agencies.  This program offers no police certification.  Instead, the goal is to provide a better understanding of modern police practices.  Participants will also gain an insight to the functions and responsibilities of police departments as well as criminal law and legal procedure.

Class size will be limited to 25 persons and space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Montclair and Bloomfield residents and employees will be given preference over non-residents.

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Hurry Up! Get Your Chance At An All Expense Paid Trip for Two to Super Bowl 51

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Support Montclair High School Project Graduation and grab a chance at a super Super Bowl 51 package!


Help the class of 2017 enjoy a great graduation celebration while giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy Super Bowl 51! Purchase a raffle ticket for $100 and enter to win: 2 tickets to Super Bowl 51 and…

The Package includes:
2 tickets to Super Bowl 51
2 ticket to “NFL the Experience”
Round-trip airfare from Newark to Houston, TX
3-night stay at Embassy Woodlands – Hughes Landing
Sedan service to and from the airport

Tickets are $100 – and only 400 will be sold!! Chances to win are excellent! Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolutions of Baristaville For 2017

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New Year's Resolutions

This week, millions of Americans are deciding on a New Year’s resolution to make. We asked locals if they were making a resolution in 2017 and, if so, what it was. See what your neighbors are planning to do to better themselves in the new year:

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