Councilor Baskerville Hosts Fourth Ward Comunity Meeting, 5/16

Monday, May 15, 2017 10:16am  |  COMMENTS (0)

Fourth Ward Councilwoman Renee Baskerville will host a community meeting on Tuesday, May 16, 7:00 p.m. in Fire Headquarters, 1 Pine Street. Continue Reading

A Young Montclair Actress Stars in The Miracle Worker

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When Ayla Schwartz isn’t busy being a fourth-grader at Watchung Elementary School, she’s performing a miracle—Ayla is starring as Helen Keller in a new production of The Miracle Worker at the Queens Theatre.

At 10 years old, Ayla is getting her first opportunity to be part of a professional production, and The Miracle Worker is putting her to the test. In order to play Keller, who became deaf and blind when she was just 19 months old, Ayla did training with a disability coach and a fight choreographer, and even used a blindfold and earplugs during rehearsals to better understand how Keller experienced the world. Continue Reading

Jazz House Kids Presents 1st Annual Vocal Fest

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Jazz House Kids Vocal Jazz Academy presents its 1st Annual Vocal Fest on Saturday, May 13 from 12 noon to 4 pm at the Jazz House, 347 Bloomfield Avenue Lower Level, Montclair. Free and open to the public, the afternoon will include interactive workshops exploring the art of vocal singing and harmony, copycat scat and performances by the celebrated vocal quartet, The Royal Bopsters featuring Amy London, Holli Ross, Pete McGuinness and Dylan Pramuk. Come sing with us! For more information, call 973-744-2273.

Former Navy Helicopter Pilot To Take On Rep. Frelinghuysen

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There’s a new Sherill in town.

That would be Mikie Sherill, a former Navy helicopter pilot and Montclair mother of four, who plans to run against Rep. Frelinghuysen.

Sherill announced her plans in a statement today: Continue Reading

Car Fire on Glenridge & Bloomfield Aves. in Montclair

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 9:09pm  |  COMMENTS (0)

Plenty of smoke, but no one injured in a car fire Wednesday night on Bloomfield Ave. by Glenridge Ave. in Montclair.

Continue Reading

Montclair Council: Talk of A New Pool in Montclair; Questions About Pace of Lackawanna Plaza Development

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The Montclair Township Council passed only one item in its brief May 9 meeting – the bill list.  It was approved 6-0, with Councilor-at-large Rich McMahon absent.

the Montclair Township Council

The bulk of the meeting was devoted to receiving a committee, responding to residents’ concerns, and the stymied Lackawanna Plaza redevelopment plan.  The council heard from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) with its chair, Adeola Whitney, and three of its members, to keep Mayor Robert Jackson and the councilors aware of what the board is doing.  Whitney said that PRAB hopes to communicate with other advisory committees in town and get a better understanding of which ones they can learn from, as well as continuing to confer with the council and engage with it regarding concerns and suggestions.  PRAB also looks to develop short-term goals for the park system in tandem with the council’s terms of office.

PRAB member Linda Bowers added that the board finds itself with unfinished business at the end of the year when it looks back, and she added that she wanted to focus on the goals of the township.  PRAB is looking to pursue greater park safety for 2017, and it looks to improve background checks for recreational coaches and getting more information out to the township for pool passes.  Another PRAB member, William Scott, lauded the township for improvements to the parks in the municipal system, though he said they could always be improved further. He also praised Fourth Ward Councilor Renée Baskerville for regularly attending PRAB meetings. Continue Reading

Another Montclair Planning Board Meeting, Another Seymour Street Discussion

BY  |  Tuesday, May 09, 2017 9:00am  |  COMMENTS (1)

The Montclair Planning Board held yet another marathon meeting – nearly five hours – devoted entirely to the Seymour Street arts district redevelopment plan, in which the plaza and engineering concerns were discussed.

“This is about the 15th hearing we’ve had,” an exasperated vice chair Jason De Salvo said about the project to one resident who thought the process was going, ironically, too fast.  “I wouldn’t say we’re streaming along.”

Elaine Molinaro of the Montclair Arts Advisory Committee listens as Pinnacle’s Brian Stolar (with microphone) makes a point.

Engineer Brian Thompson of Bohler Engineering testified on the retaining wall along the part of the east parcel of the property to be redeveloped, from Seymour Street itself to South Willow Street.  The wall varies in height from only foot near Seymour Street to nearly thirteen feet closer to South Willow Street.  Thompson said a question had been asked about the wall’s integrity, and he said the geotechnical survey had been done to test the structure and the soil.  Thompson said precautions would be taken to ensure that the wall would be fine during construction next to it, and that there was a great emphasis to protect it.

When board member Anthony Ianuale asked how the wall would be repaired should it be necessary, Thompson said a large maintenance activity could be done from the top of the wall.  He said there was access from the parking lot on the side of the apartment building atop the ground behind the wall.

“There’s no access to get in and fix it from your side,” Ianuale warned, noting the lack of room on the developer’s side of the property.  He cautioned that they would have to get an agreement from the apartment building owner(s) on the opposite side of the wall to make necessary repairs.  Board member Carmel Loughman made it clear she hoped they would have the proper insurance.

the wall between the proposed building for South Willow Street (right) , per the Seymour Street arts district plan, and an adjacent property, with a fence along the perimeter of the wall

Continue Reading

4th Ward Councilor Baskerville Responds To Concerns About Need For Supermarket at Lackawanna Plaza

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lackawanna plaza redevelopment

Montclair’s Communcation Director Katya Wowk forwarded the following statement from Montclair’s 4th Ward Councilor Renee Baskerville, M.D., dated Sunday, May 7, at the Montclair March for a Market:

I am excited to join my constituents here today at the site of the previous 4th Ward Pathmark Supermarket in Montclair; the site which will hopefully soon serve as the location for a world class supermarket– a Fair Trade establishment that will support farmers, workers, and the planet; and that will well serve this community as a great corporate partner.

I am delighted that today we are adding new “Foot Soldiers” to the army of the several hundred Forth Ward residents who have been meeting with me monthly for the past 8 years, exchanging information, devising and collectively advancing plans for Moving Montclair 4 Ward. Continue Reading

Third Annual Jersey Freestyle Jam in North Jersey Comes to Wellmont Theater

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The Latin freestyle trio, TKA, will be coming to Montclair’s Wellmont Theater as part of the Third Annual Jersey Freestyle Jam. TKA is considered the kings of the freestyle genre that took over the musical landscape of the 1980s and early 1990s.

The Third Annual Jersey Freestyle Jam will feature acts including Rob Base, The Cover Girls, Coro, Safire and more!

Hosted by Sal Abbatiello and Speedy, with music by DJ Lucho and Whiteboy DJ KYS, the third annual Jersey Freestyle Jam brings together the biggest freestyle acts of the 80s and 90s to bring their freestyle hits to the stage once again. Freestyle is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in the United States in the 1980s. It experienced its greatest popularity from the late 1980s until the early 1990s. It continues to be produced today and enjoys some degree of popularity, especially in urban settings. A common theme of freestyle lyricism is heartbreak in the city.


WHEN: Saturday, May 13th at 8:00 P.M.
WHERE: Wellmont Theater, 5 Seymour St. Montclair, NJ. Tickets here.

Bloomfield Teen Joins Sandy Hook Ride on Washington

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The Sandy Hook Ride on Washington (SHROW) is in its 5th year of raising awareness about gun violence and pointing a spotlight on the inaction of the US Congress regarding sensible firearm legislation. This year, Benjamin Douglas of Bloomfield, NJ joined the #Team26 riders who are symbolically turning their backs on Washington D.C.’s inaction and riding from the U.S. Capitol to Newtown. This year, the team is focusing especially on the Campaign to Keep Guns of College Campuses.

The 400 mile ride began Thursday May 4th, 2017 in D.C. and finishes on Sunday, May 7th in Newtown, CT with a Welcome Home rally. At 15 years old, Montclair Bikery’s Benjamin is the youngest rider, but it hasn’t slowed him down one bit. Benjamin is the latest bicyclist associated with the Montclair Bikery to join the Sandy Hook Ride on Washington. Herb Jimenez rode with the team more than once, and owner, Dave Adornato, rode with Team 26 last year. This year, in addition to Benjamin Douglas, Montclair Bikery member Bill Brunner of Fairfield, NJ joined the ride. Continue Reading

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