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Thursdays at Gallery U: “Where City Meets Suburb”

This Thursday Gallery U gets "MADE." The Montclair Arts Development Endevour (MADE) will preview work -- including large pieces by Marshall Okin, Christine Wagner, Stan Sudol, Robert Greco, Joe Iurato and Carmen Bury...

Amigurumi Artist Ups Cute Factor in Montclair

(Revised to remove personal details upon the request of the interviewee) Ana Paula Rimoli was a busy mom of a two-year-old girl, Olivia, and working at a dead-end office job when what...

Recycled Rhombotoid at Summer Camp

Recycled Rhombotoid! That's what that cool thing is in front of Glen Ridge Congregational Church on Ridgewood Avenue. Have you wandered past and wondered what that was? It was a StudioKids summer camp project--last week...

Kids Create: July 4th Tambourines and Maracas

We are getting in the July 4th spirit at our house. I can't quite help make a float (or a prom dress out of duct tape) but I can help you make some...

MHS Students Find Art on the Curb

It's gotta be the best looking litter in town. Find out where on Barista Kids...

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