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Information Meeting to Discuss Third River Water Quality Report

Unfortunately, the results are alarming.

Montclair’s Antabanez Gets Noticed for Passaic River Awareness, Affection

Protector, chronicler, fan of the frequently dismissed waterway makes a splash in local media.

Long, Explosive Goodbye For Old Route 3 Bridge

Wheeler Antabanez gets video of the blast.

Wheeler Wrangles The Passaic: A Reading From His Notebook

Mark Twain had the Mississippi, Wheeler's mistress is the Passaic.

Warren Levinson: Slow Dancing on the Old Swamp Road

Rt. 3 ain't what it used to be.

Finally Cleaning Up Agent Orange in the Passaic River

Wheeler Antabanez attends Monday press conference on long-overdue cleanup of a Vietnam-era defoliant that poisons the Passaic.

Reclaiming Open Space: Hope for Flood-Prone Homeowners

What if Baristaville's flood plains became park land? It could happen. Bloomfield is already working on it.

The Book of Mormon: Real Life in the Little Falls Flood Zone

An army of missionaries offers assistance to flood victims in ravaged NJ communities. Sound like a satirical Broadway musical? Maybe, but it's the real thing.

The Raging White Water at Little Falls

And you thought Brookside Park was bad.

When Curiosity Calls, Enter a Sewer Drain

Wanna see what's inside? Wheeler Antabanez and Mad Mike will show you...

Wheeler Antabanez Hits High Speeds

Did you get any "out on the water" time this weekend? You know Wheeler did.

Joe DiVincenzo Invites Residents to Paddle on the Passaic

Spend Memorial Day on the river with the Essex County Environmental Center.

Talk of Floodgates, Tonight in Little Falls

A resolution will be considered that would initiate the construction of gates on Beatties Dam.

Clever Commute