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Wheeler on the Water

Dirty Jersey's rivers are open for boating season and Wheeler Antabanez took an urban ride.

When Housewife Turns Record Mogul: Baby It’s You

A new jukebox music with authentic Jersey roots has opened on Broadway.

Paddling the Flood

Wheeler Antabanez takes a 7 day journey through the recent Passaic River flood with his friend Mad Mike, and go where no automobile could.

Life on the Flooded River

Hovercrafts and submerged cars mark the new normal in the Passaic's flood zone.

First Response Team of America Joins Flood Rescue Efforts

As residents prepare for evacuation and local emergency management teams are deployed, unexpected help comes from afar.

State of Emergency

Taking proactive measures, Governor Christie declared a weather state of emergency yesterday. Severe flooding is expected as a result of today's heavy rain.

River’s High…

and expected to continue rising beyond flood level.

Wheeler’s Icy Passaic Adventure

In which our hero, Wheeler Antabanez, finds mystery alongside the icy waters of the Passaic River.

Flood Fix for the Passaic River?

Eight months after its formation, the Flood Advisory Commission has issued a plan.

Passaic River Story Airs Tonight on All Things Considered

Baristaville's own Wheeler Antabanez took to the water with ATC producers and showed them how things roll on our own polluted and decaying river.

Coffee with … Wheeler Antabanez

Although he's still a young man, author and filmmaker Wheeler Antabanez is on his way to becoming an urban legend. His unlikely muse is the rancid Passaic River.

Taking Back the River in Newark

Float along Newark's stretch of the Passaic River next Saturday and find out about the future of the city's waterfront.

Tune In For Weird NJ and Wheeler Antabanez

Catch Weird NJ's Mark and Mark, along with Wheeler Antabanez, talking trash and more about the Passaic River.

Fish are Jumping and the River is… Dry

A reader asked us to investigate the perplexing lack of water flowing over Beatties Dam in Little Falls lately, so we immediately called on the services of Montclair resident and Passaic River anthologist Wheeler...

Clever Commute