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Wheeler Goes Back to the Flood Zone

Our man on the Passaic, Wheeler Antanabez, went back the Wayne area yesterday to record the flooding from the latest rain. Here is his video.

Little Falls and the Mighty Passaic River

Passaic River anthologist Wheeler Antabanez got up close and personal with the raging floods in Little Falls and Paterson, and sent us this video. Meanwhile Kristie Cattafi went over to Little Falls this afternoon...

The Sun Shines, But Little Falls is Under Water

We woke up to sunshine for the first time in four days, and power suddenly popped on over on Midland Ave. in Glen Ridge, but the situation is dire over in Little Falls, where...

Paddling the Passaic

Some people prefer the beach. Some prefer the pond. Our friend Wheeler Antabanez prefers the Passaic. Here's how he spent his weekend.

Passaic Confidential

Ledger Live explores the Passaic river with Wheeler Antabanez The Star Ledger's Brian Donohue recently got the Wheeler Antabanez tour of the Passaic River and lived to file this report. Now both of you guys,...

Sick and Twisted in the Passaic River

Not one, but two bodies were found in the Passaic River on Sunday. Discovered in Clifton: the body of a two-year-old girl, which turned out to have been stolen from a grave in Connecticut....

Clever Commute