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Flavor Excursions: Super H-Mart Korean Grocery

A Korean grocery in Ridgefield NJ, packed to the gills with unusual, exotic and tasty fare!

Flavor Excursions: Peppery Passaic

Soon after I returned home, I made my own street tacos and guacamole using the flavors lingering from my finds at the Mexican grocery. Now my kids are requesting street tacos every Sunday.

Thoughts on “Fixing our Food Problem” by Mark Bittman and How Montclair Is Working...

I am optimistic about what I view as significant change happening in our community with the perseverance of our local “pioneers.”

From the Farmers Market: Farm Fresh Thanksgiving

Whether you sauté or roast, mash or whip, the farmer's market beckons with an endless fall harvest waiting to be served as hearty, flavorful sides at your Thanksgiving table.

From the Farmers’ Market: Revolting Roasted Halloween

A Halloween party isn’t complete without some creepy foods that will add a terrifying touch to your freaky festivities.

From the Farmers’ Market: “A” is for Apples and All You Can Do...

Here’s a recipe of my new favorites—Caramelized Apple Muffins!

From the Farmer's Market: Souper Snacking

I’ve discovered that kids will eat almost anything if they are famished, especially if they don't have a less healthy option available.

From the Farmer’s Market: Back to School Breakfasts

Ideas to make mornings easier and healthier, plus a delicious peach muffin recipe!

From the Farmer’s Market: Shop by Color

Take your little ones by the hand, head to the market and look for usual veggies in unusual colors.

From the Farmers’ Market: Pickled Magic

This weekend at the farmers’ market, put on your creative hats and look for veggies that can be magically transformed into pickles.

Flavor Excursions: The Greek Store

When Georgette asked me to find a Greek market for a Flavor Excursion, I knew I couldn’t let her down.

Flavor Excursions: From Argentina to Cuba to Mexico and then Back to Montclair

Georgette’s going to love this excursion since we’re heading to the North Bergen area, where she went to high school.

Flavor Excursions: Scottish Meat Pies and Fish Fries

A trip to Kearny for Scottish goods!

Flavor Excursions: Wild for Wallington

Just seven miles east of Montclair is NJ’s Polish enclave of Wallington.

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