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Flavor Excursions: On the Boardwalk (in the East Village)

It's impossible not to include NYC in our series, since that's where so many of my culinary adventures occur.

“A Tad Irish” Muffin Recipe For St. Patrick’s Day

Fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with food and a yummy muffin recipe.

Flavor Excursions: Patel Brothers Grocery

Take Route 46 west to Patel Brothers in Parsippany.

Edible “I Love You’s” For Your Family on Valentine’s Day

This February 14, serve a mealtime Valentine to your family and add a touch of love with a simple transformation of your foods.

Flavor Excursions: Koreatown

You'll have to leave the Garden State for this Flavor Excursion adventure, but I can assure you it’s worth it.

Flavor Excursions: Head East for Inspiration

For years, I’ve been going to East West Asian Gourmet Market to stock up on ingredients to make dumplings, wontons and stir fries.

Flavor Excursions: Paterson Market and Empanadas

Bored of the same old foods you serve your family? Get ready for some inspiration! Flavor Excursions will be a new series on Barista Kids.

From the Farmer’s Market: Cookie Cutter Potatoes

When ordinary foods are transformed into various shapes it has a remarkable effect on kids.

From the Farmer's Market: Splatter Painting

It was the rosy red beets and sapphire blueberries we snagged at the farmers’ market that inspired our most recent rainy day craft project. Think Jackson Pollack armed only with veggies for this amusing...

From the Farmers' Market: Pesto Please

From the Farmers' Market is a series on Barista Kids brought to you by Alison J. Bermack the founder of Cooking With Friends. Earlier this week my 12-year-old requested pesto, which I hadn't yet made...

From the Farmer's Market: Twinkies or Turnips

From the Farmer's Market is a new series on Barista Kids brought to you by Alison J. Bermack the founder of Cooking With Friends. Here is her first post titled: Twinkies or Turnips: Bringing the...