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Blog: Stephen Colbert and The Syrians

Food, friendship and connection.

Saying Yes To Walking in the Disability Pride Parade

"There’s nothing like it and I’m not the only one who feels that way."

My Mother’s Plates

Beauty can indeed be just a memory.

The Special Connection: Lincoln For President

The day of my son's elementary school election I received a call from a major news network ‘s producer who was interested in doing a story about him.

Tips and Recipes For a Stress-Free Passover Seder

Planning, tips, and recipes for a happier holiday.

Losing Our Shit

I feel the need to be the voice of special needs parenting honesty.

Have a Healthy Halloween — Without Becoming the Food Police

Halloween is a magical holiday for most people. Who doesn’t like getting candy by the shopping bag full? I liked candy a bit too much as a child, so much so that when I...

How to Plan a Playdate for Your Child With Special Needs

Managing and coordinating our kids’ social lives can feel like a full time job, especially if our children have special needs. I’ve become a bit of an expert in the field of special needs...

Amish Country Family Vacation

A most enlightening, peaceful, delicious and wholesome family vacation.

Keeping A New Year’s Resolution

What is your resolution and are you keeping it?

Learning About Healthy Food at The Kids' Nutrition Workshop

Yesterday, parents and kids attended the Fresh Direct Kids' Nutrition Workshop at Montclair's Nishuane Elementary School. Nutritionist Maggie Moon discussed the new food pyramid plate that came out earlier this month encouraging 1/2 of our plates...

Health & Wellness Tenth Anniversary and Benefit Concert

Who saw Stevie Wonder rolling out on the stage of American Idol to celebrate Steven Tyler's birthday? Well, there is another big birthday that is not as sexy and flashy as Steven Tyler's but just...

American Idol and Community Values?

Many times over the last decade, my friends have been shocked to find out, since I am such a music lover, that I did not watch American Idol. Not only did I not watch...

Clever Commute