Childhood: Memories of Play and Friendship

BY  |  Thursday, Mar 26, 2015 12:00pm

This is our last installment of “Childhood.” Thanks to Arthur Kobin and our readers for sharing their memories.

(Outside of the The Clairidge Theater)

(Outside of the The Clairidge Theater)

“I grew up here in Montclair. We’d always hang out in Anderson Park. That was really fun. We’d play frisbee and walk around the park with all my friends. Some of them are still here, like my friend Cindy! I went there today for a walk with her! She’s my childhood friend, and we’ve known each other our whole lives.”



Childhood: Sibling Rivalry

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(Inside Villa Victoria on Park Street)

“My brother picked me up from the bus stop and we were pushing each other, like running back and forth. Then he pushed me a little too hard. You know the sidewalk squares? Well, he pushed me over two squares, and I fell. My knee skidded and broke all the skin. It was just blood. My dad was waiting angrily on the steps at home when he saw me, because I had on a dress and the tights were completely ripped. My brother got in a lot of trouble.”

Childhood: Vacation Memories

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childhood vacation memories

(Inside Gallery 51 on Church Street)

“My favorite place to go, as a kid, was Italy because my family spent summers there. My mom’s whole family lives there, so it was like one big party every summer… It’s in Sicily. It’s this tiny little town called Gioiosa Marea, which means “joyous sea.” It’s super small. Basically, my family takes up half the town. We would stay over summer vacation, since we didn’t have to work yet. It was awesome. We lived on the beach there and just eat all the time.”



Childhood: Food Memories

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(Inside Chocolate Works on Park St.)

(Inside Chocolate Works on South Park Street)

“I hated peas. I couldn’t do it, but I loved Brussels sprouts! It didn’t make sense. I also loved Hawaiian Punch. I would overload on it. That and mini Entenmann’s blueberry muffins.”

Baristanet: What was your favorite family prepared food?

“My mom is Hispanic, so she would make traditional rice and beans with potatoes, and that was my all time favorite.”



Childhood: The Best Thing About Being a Kid?

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(Inside Manny’s Diner on Church St.)

“My favorite thing about being a kid was not having all the responsibilities that come with being an adult. In the spring I used to love playing kickball out on the street with my brother, sister, and friends. When you get older, you don’t really get to do that kind of stuff anymore.”



Childhood: Winter Memories

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Winter Memories

(At the bus stop outside of the YMCA on Park Street)


“As a kid in the winter? Hmm… My father loved it. When he was alive… I remember the fireplace burning in the house. We’d drink hot chocolate and hot whiskey. It was great. I grew up in this town of Montclair. My family’s been in this town since 1868, when it was Cranetown. My great-great-grandfather was a stagecoach driver, and his route was from Caldwell to Penn Station. I have a history here, you know? I grew up on Lincoln Street, near the Glen Ridge border.”



Childhood: New Year’s Eve Traditions

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new year's eve traditions

(In front of Red Mango on Church St.)

“When my mother and father were living, we’d all open presents and sit down at the table together and eat.”

Baristanet: You opened presents on New Years?

“Yes we did. My mother, father, grandparents, and sister. It was beautiful when they were alive, but now they’re no longer with me. We stayed up late, my parents had Champagne, and kids had ginger ale. I think it was a lovely thing that they did, you know. It was beautiful then.”



Childhood: Christmas Traditions

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Outside of Culture Couture on Church Street

Outside of Culture Couture on Church Street

“My dad is Bermudian. My mom is Italian-American. My dad adopted the Italian seafood dinner. That became his thing. So, every Christmas Eve, at my parents house, we’d do the big Italian feast. He started the tradition after he married my mom. Seafood is big in Bermuda too, so it became an excuse for my dad to make a lot of seafood.



Childhood: Remembering Your First Pet

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At Accents with Flowers on Church Street.

I saved my money and got myself a dog, a Golden Retriever, in 1979. I got him on Saint Patrick’s Day, so I named him PJ, after Saint Patrick and myself. I was about eleven or twelve. I was entirely responsible for him. I’d walk him and clean up after him and take care of him. We had six kids, so I was on my own.


Childhood: What Was Your Earliest Memory?

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My first memory is not a happy one. It was not a great one because they beat the hell out of me. I was around five years old. My sister beat me. She was something like four years older than me. I was a saucy boy. I dyed her white dress in black. And that was not funny! And I did it on purpose because she pissed me off. I was a brat. I know.

(On the corner of N Fullerton Ave. and Claremont Ave.)



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