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Childhood: Memories of Play and Friendship

"We’d always hang out in Anderson Park...We’d play frisbee and walk around."

Childhood: Sibling Rivalry

"My brother picked me up from the bus stop and we were pushing each other... then he pushed me a little too hard."

Childhood: Vacation Memories

What was your favorite place to vacation?
(Inside Chocolate Works on Park St.)

Childhood: Food Memories

"Hawaiian Punch. I would overload on it. That and mini Entenmann’s blueberry muffins."

Childhood: The Best Thing About Being a Kid?

"Not having all the responsibilities that come with being an adult."
childhood winter memories

Childhood: Winter Memories

"I remember the fireplace burning in the house. We’d drink hot chocolate and hot whiskey. It was great."
New Year's Eve Traditions

Childhood: New Year’s Eve Traditions

"We’d all open presents and sit down at the table together and eat."

Childhood: Christmas Traditions

Every Christmas Eve, at my parents house, we’d do the big Italian feast.

Childhood: Remembering Your First Pet

"I got him on Saint Patrick’s Day, so I named him PJ, after Saint Patrick and myself."

Childhood: What Was Your Earliest Memory?

"I was a saucy boy."

Childhood: Tell Me About a Teacher Who Changed Your Life

"She taught me a valuable lesson not to skimp on my work and just get things done."

Childhood: What Were You Afraid of as a Child?

The dark? Spiders? Fire?

Childhood: What Was Your Favorite Book as a Kid?

"I’m a comic book fan. I draw comics and I still read comics."

Childhood: What Was Your “Trick?”

"I would go up and down the same block in different costumes."

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