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Photographing Your Kids

Today's parents are likely to take photographs of their kids at any given moment: between the simplicity of digital cameras and the always-on availability of smart-phone cameras, we fill our hard drives with hundreds...

Watching My Language

Adopting a child is a process that also involves plenty of adapting: adapting your original ideas about how you'll go about bringing a baby into your family, adapting to the complications and invasions of...

Food For Thought

Many concluded observance of the Jewish High Holidays at last night's "Break Fast." For Brian Glaser, this year's ritual Yom Kippur fast was harder, as he sat in synagogue and listened to a sermon about food.

Station to Station Meditation

Need a moment of commuting Zen? How about some collective deep, cleansing breaths -- or even practicing yoga on the platform?

Maplewood First Aid Squad’s 5K Walk

Maplewood's 911 response team needs help.

Flying to Texas, Bringing Home a New Jerseyan

I became a New Jerseyan twice, in the two ways most people do. I was born in NJ, and was a native of our fair state from day one; I also moved to New...

Coyote Scary

A poster to the Maplewood Online forumreported a coyote on Plymouth Avenue late last week.

Jinxed Commute

Baristanet contributor Brian Glaser follows up on the commuting beat.

On Time? Way Off

Today's New York Times featured an article in which the headline really nailed the core content of the story: "95% of Trains Are on Time? Riders Beg to Differ." The piece focuses primarily on...

Clever Commute