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Cary Africk: Montclair Government Should Be Leader in Transparency

State initiatives on User Friendly Budgets, Best Practices, expansion of Open Public Meetings Act.

Cary Africk: The Edgemont Pond Morass in Montclair

Africk laments failures to refurbish pond and says project needs to be moved forward.

Cary Africk: Advice for the New Council

"Montclair can be better. And it’s not only a matter of more staff and more money. It’s leadership and organization."

Africk: Council is Glib About Spending $6M

Lame duck council pushes through as much spending as possible.

Cary Africk: It’s A Matter of Numbers

Says don't believe promises of slashing taxes/debt.

Cary Africk: Why the South Park Street Project is Costing More

Leaving some things out would be a monument to foolishness.

Cary Africk: How to Choose a Mayor

Being Mayor of Montclair is a 40+ hour a week job.

Cary Africk: A Guide for Voters

"The issues are complicated. Council members need to dig in."

Cary Africk: Don’t Gut Departments

Town should consider ramifications of severe cuts to some departments.

Cary Africk: Wildwood is Tip of the Iceberg

Building two lots on Wildwood won't solve Montclair's housing problem.

Cary Africk: Shooting the Messenger is Not Effective

"The town continues to maintain that outside groups are unneeded, and that 'we have all the answers we need.' We don't."

Cary Africk: What Does This Reassessment Really Mean?

If your house valuation stays the same, your taxes are going way up.

Cary Africk: Complete Streets at 20% Increase Is Too Much

Cary Africk says throwing money won't automatically solve problem.

Cary Africk: Thanks, Baristanet

Communication and information were needed. Baristanet delivered.

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