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Coffee With… Anthony Lauro, of Anthony’s Cheesecake

The Bloomfield staple prides itself on hearty meals of endless variety and, of course, world-class desserts.

Noodles, Notebooks and More: The Luck of Montclair’s Ani Ramen

"We get everything from amazing cartoons to people just leaving us notes telling us where they’re from, what they loved."

Coffee with…Bobby Schlaefer

The Ambassador of Montclair's South End.

Montclair Art Museum Centennial: 10 Works For 10 Decades

One piece of art for every decade, and the story behind each one.

Coffee With…Raymond Badach

Raymond's owner talks Florent, film noir, French toast and why he doesn't do Italian food.

Coffee with…Sharon Egan

A new venture in Charleston, on being a townie and working with her ex.

Coffee With…Bruce Sinofsky

Emmy-winning/Oscar-nominated Montclair filmmaker.

Coffee With…Jedediah Wheeler

Wheeler has managed Philip Glass, Twyla Tharp and Spalding Gray, among others.

Clever Commute