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Concerned Citizens of Montclair: Concerned About IMAC

Tonight's Town Council Meeting, item 12. "Resolution to terminate participation under the State Health Benefits Program"

Concerned Citizens of Montclair: Water and Sewer Wages Don’t Match Up

CCM claim the town's numbers don't jibe with budget provided to the state.

CCM: Register to Vote!

UPDATE: Printer Scott Kennedy of Studio042 has just printed up a bunch of voter registration forms. See the end of the article for how to pick them up. According to most recent census data, there...

CCM: Only Essential Costs Should Be Bonded

No capital expenditures should be made for garbage or recycling equipment until outsourcing these services is considered.

CCM: Montclair Can’t Take Another Six Months of Current Council

Concerned Citizens of Montclair calls current leadership "dysfunctional."

Clever Commute