Saturday, December 3, 2022
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A Sign To Slow Down

The recent spate of pedestrian accidents and deaths in our area makes me shudder.

The Best Things In Life Really Are Free

Come listen this Friday to local activist Pat Kenschaft talk about how to be happy without spending much money.

Healthy Eating Out At Koreander Fusion Cafe In Montclair

Struggling with a new year’s resolution to eat more nutritious meals? Here’s a helpful tip: dine out at Koreander Cafe.

Montclair Students For Stop Sign At Chestnut And Forest

Montclair Cooperative School students, for the second time in a month, have called for stop signs at the busy intersection. Vote in our poll.

Voices Of Valor Music Program Helps Veterans Heal

The Montclair State University program is available for veterans of any age and musical talent level.

Brattleboro: Weekend Away For Lovers Of Art, Nature…And Cheese

If you'd like to recharge in a relaxing, rural setting with a vibrant arts community, visit lovely Brattleboro, Vt.

When Do You Take Down The Christmas Tree And Other Holiday Decor?

De-decking the halls and house is not something I enjoy.

Coffee With…The Stock Pot Lady: Happy 95th Birthday!

If this lovely face looks familiar, you’ve probably visited the Stock Pot on Church St. in Montclair.

Where To Get Your Bûche de Noël, Plus Other Seasonal Baked Goodies

If you’re searching for a stunning holiday dessert, look no further than the elemental, enchanting Bûche de Noël.

NJ Department Of Health Breaches Privacy Of Medical Marijuana Patients

NJ Health Dept. breached privacy of patients registered with Montclair's Greenleaf Compassion Center.

Visit Kip’s Castle, All Decked Out For The Holidays

It's the best time of the year to see the interior of Kip's Castle, according to Essex County park rangers.

Coffee With…Adam Wade, Entertainer Extraordinaire

Over the course of his half-century long career, Wade has recorded several “Top Ten” hits, and appeared in more than 100 movies, theater productions and television shows.

Launch Your Literary Career And Help Hurricane Sandy Survivors

Consider bidding on a chance to have your work critiqued by a literary pro.

Clever Commute