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Better Than Nutella

Nutella tastes divine but too much can be a dietary disaster. Here, natural Nutella knock-offs you can buy locally that dial down the sugar and fat. Plus links to recipes so you can make your own healthier spread.

Today’s Wacky Weather Phrase: Wet Bulb Temperature

Apparently, we've reached the “wet bulb temperature.”

Soup’s On! Local Soups Worthy of A Golden Spoon

Warm soup goes especially well with a side of snow showers, like we have today. Here's a roundup of the Montclair area's greatest soups.

Native American Squash Muffins: Perfect For Thanksgiving

Want your family to get excited about squash? Bake muffins using the sweet delicata, and call them "Native American Muffins."

DeCamp Refunding Bus Tickets Unused In Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Are you stuck with DeCamp bus tickets that are about to expire--ones you couldn't use because of Hurricane Sandy? Here's how to get a refund.

Drink Up. The Water Is Fine, Says Montclair Township

The Montclair Township wants to reassure residents that the drinking water is safe.

Trader Joe’s Opens Thursday In Clifton. What Will Be In Your Cart?

What are your favorite Trader Joe's products?

FEMA Workshop Tonight At 7pm, A Reminder To Watch Out For Scams

Are you interested in learning how to apply for federal assistance to help cover losses from Hurricane Sandy? Plus: watch out for scams.

FEMA Assistance Workshop On Tuesday, Plus Debunking False FEMA Rumor

FEMA workshop leaders to teach how to apply for disaster assistance next Tuesday.

Montclair Town Council Emergency Meeting (Live Blog, Thursday, 11/8)

Discussion of PSE&G's work schedule dominated the meeting. The public was again urged to sign-up for the township alerts.

Montclair Council Emergency Meeting (Live Blog)

Talk of power outages and PSE&G dominated the discussion. Toward the end of the meeting, the Council also briefly addressed the gas shortage, election results, and coming storm.

President Obama Wins Re-election, Plus Local Races And Ballot Questions

President Obama wins decisive electoral vote of 303 to 206. The popular vote was tighter: 50% for Obama to 48% for Romney.

Even On Election Night, Sandy Casts A Long Shadow

With half the town without power, many people focused on family first

Ad Mailed By Little Falls Republicans To Voters Targets MSU Students

A flyer mailed to Little Falls residents by local Republican organization causing controversy.

Clever Commute